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Nicolo, a great performance
and a fifth straight win, which means consistency
and further improvement. It wasn’t easy either as Lazio are probably
the toughest obstacle you’ve faced so far. Yes, we knew it was going to be a difficult game. We knew it and the boss warned us but we prepared well for it and
came to the fore in the second half. We did what the boss wanted so we’re happy. You’re improving a lot yourself.
You took a lot of initiative tonight. Are you growing in confidence and
getting used to the team’s tactics? Yes, my team-mates and the coach
have all helped me to settle in. Now I’m feeling more confident
and reaching peak fitness. I’m happy when I can do my bit for the team. Hi Nicolo. Well done… Sorry but we’ve been joined
by Danilo D’Ambrosio here. Go ahead with the question. Hi Nicolo. Well done tonight. Do you prefer playing centre-left
or centre-right in midfield? I noticed that on the right
things seemed to come off better for you and forward runs perhaps
come more naturally too. You know, I play where the coach tells me to play! I’ve always played on the left. It’s the first time the boss
has asked me to play on the right and I like playing there, with Diego [Godin]. He’s good at playing balls forward,
for the strikers too. So yeah, I’m happy wherever the boss puts me. I wanted to ask Nicolo about that chance
he missed in the second half because it was a lovely move and
just a shame you couldn’t quite finish it off. Also, I saw you arguing with
D’Ambrosio in the first half. What were you saying?
Have you made up again now? What happened, Dani? It was just about tactics.
You discuss things to improve. I could have done better with that chance. I tried to put it through the keeper’s legs. He made a good save and mine was a poor shot! Thankfully, Dani sorted it for us. Nicolo, you can ask Danilo about it
as he hit the post in the last game then bounced back by scoring tonight, so perhaps we’re a lucky omen for him.
Right, Danilo? At the end of the day,
it’s the three points that matter. Fortunately against AC Milan
my mistake didn’t prove costly. We joked about it last time, as you know. We can joke about it but I think
it was an excellent performance tonight. Maybe you found some difficulty
building moves in the first half and Lazio caused a few problems for you. But there are lots of games within a game
and you won them all. The improvement in the second half by everyone
was crucial in getting the win. I agree. In the first half we weren’t able
to do the things the boss wanted. After the break our play was slicker, we moved the ball about more quickly
and deserved the win. I think we could have got another
in the second period and wrapped it up but we got the points in the end
and that’s the main thing. What’s your favourite position? We’ve seen you play all over the place
during your time at Inter. Do you prefer it out wide in a 3-5-2? No, I must say I’m happy in any position,
at full-back or in midfield. It makes no difference to me. When you have a coach like Conte, regardless of your position
you know exactly what to do. It’s your attitude that counts:
never giving up and giving 100% every game. Danilo, it was a big win today
against a side who are never easy to play against. You have to keep your feet on the ground of course, but is this a confidence boost
ahead of your coming games? We knew it would be tough against Lazio. It always is, every year. They’re experienced and strong in every area and they have some
exceptionally skilful players. If we had lost or drawn today, our good derby result
wouldn’t have meant anything. That’s our reasoning. Now we have another must-win game on Saturday. Danilo, was the move leading up to the goal
something you rehearse in training? From left to right. Sure. Everything you see has been rehearsed. Of course there are moments
of individual skill as well, that’s individual inspiration, but the crosses and runs into the box,
they’re all rehearsed. Nicolo, now we look ahead to the trip to Samp, followed by two massive matches, at the Camp Nou and then
the Derby d’Italia against Juve. Yes, but for now we have to focus on Samp. We have to keep winning for us,
for our fans and because we deserve it. Thanks Nicolo, thanks Danilo. We’re with Inter captain
Samir Handanovic, live on Facebook. Samir, it was another big performance
to make it five wins. It’s a great result against perhaps
the most difficult opposition you’ve faced so far. That’s right. It was very tough today. Lazio are an excellent side. We found it hard in the first half
but we came to the fore after the break and won it. We should have wrapped it up sooner but I think we were in control
in the second half and we had other chances so only the first half was difficult. It’s the perfect result to celebrate
your 300th match for Inter. It’s the same number as Julio Cesar:
he stopped on 300 exactly. You still have the best defence in Serie A. Defence starts in attack – it’s the whole team. Our shape was better in the second period
and we pressed better. There was less empty running. Credit to the team. We have to keep it up. We know that the team
with the best defence wins in Italy. You made three or four huge saves. Do you think you’ve improved
yourself since last season? I think I get better every season. I get better with age and I’m not setting any limits. As long as you think you can improve,
you should keep playing. When I think that’s no longer possible, I’ll stop. But I think everyone can improve. You’ve won the first five
but perhaps in different ways and they all help you to grow as a team. Sure, they’re all different games. Today we had to dig in to get the three points but that’s important too because it won’t always be easy in Serie A. You have to be able to dig in when needed
then strike when the moment is right. – Thanks, Samir.
– Thank you. Cristiano, it’s nine years since your Inter debut and 3,214 days since your last game for the club. How did it feel out there at San Siro? It was certainly a fantastic feeling. It’s the stadium where I came
to support the team as a boy and used to be a ball boy
when I was part of the youth setup. Being able to come back here
as a mature player is a big deal. I’m very pleased with the team’s win, above all. That’s what matters and
individual matters are secondary. -Hi Cristiano,/N-Hi In the first half, when the game was predominantly played
down the right flank, you weren’t called upon much. In the second half, it balanced out and
there was more action down the left than in the first 45 minutes, although you did get
your assist down that side. Was that something Conte said to you at half-time? Did he tell you to go down the left because
you weren’t using it much? Or was it natural given the way
you’d played down the right in the first half? No, we prepare to play down the left and the right, but it depends on how the game is played out and how the opposition presses us. Maybe they shut us out more down the left, so we played more down the right. It wasn’t something we prepared. Maybe we struggled a bit in the first half, but we showed our strength and character to clinch a key result. I’d say so. Another question if you don’t mind: as for the goal, you cut inside on to your right. I think you’re ambidextrous as we’ve seen tonight
and can play with either foot. You cut inside, raised your head
and saw D’Ambrosio’s run. Was it rehearsed
or was it a natural, spontaneous link-up? When we play with wing-backs, one of us can play a pass and there’s a good run like Danilo’s, playing the ball to the back post
can be a good option. I cut in on to my right foot because
Lazzari kept showing me inside. He knows me and that I like crossing it on my left, but he left me space to cut inside, so I did and I saw Danilo’s run. Well done, Danilo! I wanted to ask Cristiano something as well. -Hi Cristiano, first of all!
-Hi Federica said you hadn’t played
for Inter in nine years, but based on how you played today and how integrated you were in the team after the nine-year absence,
it wasn’t even noticeable. Thank you. Over the last nine years
when I’ve been around the block my aim has always been to come back here. That’s what I was working hard for. I’m here now and have had to settle in,
which I’ve done. I’m available and give my all
for Inter and the team every day. -Thank you, Cristiano. Congratulations.
-Thank you.


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