• What makes me laugh about Rivas is,MOST channels say how well Rivas looks YET AJ gets stick for muscle mass even tho Rivas is more compact than AJ being shorter,anyway,the stare down,Whyte won that,Rivas back up first and took eye contact away first,and Whyte wins by KO late rounds

  • This is an exciting fight! And definitely going to be a war! Both love going toe to toe with their opponent! And is a gangrenous fight for both to take! So hats off to them both! But I think Dillian Whyte wins it in the ninth or tenth! 🥊

  • Whyte looks like he's in huge troubles this time, and he knows it. Never seen him that insecure, while Rivas appeared like he could start shooting straightaway. If anything's predictable by the way it looks, then this is such an example, which tells me, that Rivas' gonna knock Whyte out.

  • OSCAR KABOOM RIVAS aint scared of that dillian boy.Someone is going to sleep! between these two behemoths.

  • Dylan White Once Again is getting knocked the fuck out. He looks fat , unkept, unshaven and a overall hot mess. Looks like beer weight

  • Say what you want about dealing white he might as well be champion already. This is the type of champion we need under the WBC, not Beyonce the Sissy this fighter Rivas is better than any fighter than Beyonce this is his favourite fault in his whole career. Take away fury the powder puncher, who are like fiery but in reality he hasn't beat anybody, since he's been back. Dylan white the epitome of a real fighter. He could lose this one, that's what makes him a real fighter. Taking risk and fighting the best out there. Beyonce the sissy you are not the champion dealing white is the WBC champion. He's already the interim champion so you might as well just go home and Beyonce and go see Jay-Z

  • That was a very gay face off I thought Dylan white wanted to give him a kiss and Oscar Rivas wanted to receive it

  • Rivas definetly wins by knockout.. Dillian is not in his class… Rivas is a much better boxer.. All dillian plans are coming to shit…

  • Both are nearly 15 pounds overweight. Whyte came in at 254 and not 259. Rivas came in at 239.
    Rivas is all muscle while Whyte has a certain amount of flab that can be trimmed!
    Do not pay attention to physique. Look at Kownacki and Ruiz.

  • Buffer fucked up Whyte is 18 stone 2pounds. Can't wait for tonight's fight. Can't beat British boxing nights. COME ON THE BODYSNATCHER UP UK BOXING !!!!!

  • Whyte gonna sit back gassing Rivas out whilst landing big punches then go for that KO either early or late

  • Whyte is gonna smash Rivas up man, the WBC Silver Champion and No1 contender is gonna fuck that top 20 ranked contender up and KHTFO

  • That's what I think you're wrong dillian Whyte it's coming in so heavy because he's looking for a Knockout he's looking to absorb punches, he's looking too rough his opponent up sit on him push him around rough him up and then knocking out #team white

  • I think dillian is going to try and use his weight, rough him up, and play dirty. Can't wait. Thank you Dillian for choosing a fight like Rivas!

  • that staredown was very interesting. dillian tried to psych rivas out but it didnt work. insane fight. reach advantage is not much either

  • Good video man. I feel like 2 things.
    Dillian looks the same and Rivas is as good as advertised and it's going to be a rough night for Whyte and most likely eeking out a decision in the UK.
    Or this will be a culmination fight for whtye. By that i mean everything he's been doing and trying to improve on will come to fruition in this fight and he beats Rivas convincingly maybe even by knockout especially if he's been working on that left hook!

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