Int. GS Trophy 2020: An Interview with Amelie Diehl-Thiele

like with the project team is amazing and I really for me as a passionate rider and so much looking forward to be part of the International Jazz for 15 20 20 New Zealand is an amazing place to ride yes you have such a variety of nature you have the glaciers of the lakes yes but also to sea so on and off road riding for the GS is pretty perfect I think one of the challenges for the International GS trophy 2020 could be that participants came from all over the world together to New Zealand so maybe they're a little bit jet-lagged and of course there were we completely overwhelmed but by the beautiness of this country I am really much looking forward to meet all the new participants of the GS trophy 2020 coming together and drawing and living the spirit of GS together coming from all the different countries and all the different nations and just living make life a ride New Zealand is very famous for its Maori culture and I'm very happy that we had a chance to get a little impression of this interesting inspiring culture so far to all the female adventure riders out there apply now for your national qualifier in your country I am very much looking forward to the International GS trophy 2020 early next year and I wish all the best and good luck for all the participants

  • Enthusiastic, she said it right, go register and participate on your local GS Trophy qualifier. props

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