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Inside the studio of YTV & Corus Entertainment (360 Video)

My name is Sana Young i’m a freelance makeup artist and I work at various production companies throughout the city. Make up artists are usually the first to show up and the last to go home. I setup, i start with one of my talent shows up 15 minutes to half an hour after i arrive. I do their hair and makeup, so I process talent and my process a few different people throughout the day. Then we’ll go into studio and I stand by on set and do touch-ups through out the day. I love that there’s so many different people that I get to see every single day. It’s a different show, it’s different people different environments, different locations so it’s always a change which is great. I’m Carlos Bustamante, Im the host of YTV I host the ZONE and Big Fun Movies and I’m here at Forest Key in Toronto. The first thing I do when I come in is get makeup done and then the floor director will come in and we’ll talk about sort of course of the day. Producer will come in we’ll talk about the corse of the day, we’ll make a plan of attack for how we can shoot everything, they’ve already worked all that stuff out of course. And then lighting, audio, camera. We will work out content, obviously based on the scripts and just try to produce the best show that we can. We have a lot of fun doing it, we laugh a lot and the days are not always exactly the same. Some days I’m not shooting and so I’m there in meetings, and running all day. Other days I’m traveling so it kind of varies, there’s a lot to do. My name is Aizick Grimman and i’m a freelance cinematographer. Today in studio we are working on our regular ZONE weekday studio space. We can have any number of hosts usually from one to five. As the camera operator, I’ve gotta follow along with other things. I actually never see the script, I have zero idea what they’re about the say. I will see based on how they’re acting what I think they’re going to start off with, so I think they’re going to start off a big a lot of energy i do a big sweeping camera move to come in and meet them. Meanwhile if I think that it’s going to start off a little bit slower then i’ll give it a sort of slower creep or if i can see that somebody standing off the wings are going tight and then all i’ll come out to reveal them. To sort of get a sense as to what the energy is going to be of that particular piece. My job is very rewarding because so much of it is improvised. My name is Drew Dafoe, and I am the director producer of the ZONE for YTV. My typical day as a director producer looks like a lot of writing. On a studio day, I would be telling people where to go and what to do, how the camera looks, break happens, the jokes inside of there and just make sure that everybody’s organized and on time. In a typical studio like ours as you can see there’s a lot of monitors and they’re all referencing different feeds going into and out of studio. What we record and what we display in the monitors What I love most of my job is it’s a lot more fun with a lot of jobs. I get to goof around, I get the write games, I get to write funny things so i get to make jokes all the time.


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