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Inside The Best FIFA Football Awards: Travel with Klopp, Alisson & Van Dijk from Liverpool to Milan

Big man. How are you, bro? Hi. Good, how are you? Morning. Hello. Nice one, perfect. – Thanks a lot.
– Yes? It’s obviously amazing to get recognition
for the season we all had last year, including with my country. It’s just something I will definitely be proud of and I will enjoy every bit of it. That’s a GIF! I understand it’s down to you that
the manager has remembered a suit, because he wasn’t quite sure
whether he had a tuxedo or not. Yeah, I told him. He sent me a picture
of it, he looked all right. – He looks all right?
– Yeah. I told him as well.
So, yeah, he’s gonna be fine. We waiting for Ali? Oh, Alisson, Dolce & Gabbana boys. Look at that! You look beautiful. How are you? Good, I’m good. – And you?
– Good. – Nice to see you.
– Nice to see you. You’re doing well, eh? OK, in a good way… Can we do one with both of you? 100 per cent. The boys. – One of you sit?
– Virg, come here. – No, you get in the middle.
– No, no, boss, you in the middle. – I sit?
– You sit. Yeah, you’re the gaffer.
You’re the oldest, you have to. Thank you very much. I need to move the stool. Smiling now. Smiling, boys! JÜRGEN: For no reason. PHOTOGRAPHER: There’s always a reason. Virgil! Virgil! It’s very special, special for our team also
that won the Champions League last season, we did a great season,
and me and Virg and the boss, we are also here
in the name of our teammates. We fight against great players
and great managers, so I think whoever wins it,
it will be fair enough. Mixed emotions a little bit, because it’s nice that Ali and I won, but I would have wished obviously
that Virg won it as well. But we know that we still
have space for improvement, so we try to come back. I just relied on a fantastic team, on an outstanding and
hard-working coaching staff. I have to say – and wanted to say – thank you,
and I forgot it in the speech because I didn’t know
that I had that much time, I was not too often in situations like that,
I was really in a rush. So, Pep, what you did last year – outstanding. Pete, incredible, you must have eyes like this,
because you watch football games all day. John and Jack –
Ali and now Adrian are incredible. Korny, Mona, all the kitchen team, Carol, Caroline, Kevin, Martin… Without you, it’s nothing. So it’s just a reward for all of us, and I will
show you the thing, it’s really heavy. But I’ll bring it to Melwood anyway.


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