Inside Kylie Jenner & Sofia Richie's "Irreplaceable Bond" | E! News

inside Kylie Jenner and Sophia Richie's irreplaceable bond if you haven't been keeping up with Kylie's squad lately she's been attached to the hip with the 20 year old model in recent months from enjoying a fun girls night out to vacationing in Turks and Caicos for Kylie skins latest launch to celebrating a mutual friends 70s themed birthday bash these two are clearly living their best life this summer a source tells the news that Kylie and Sophia became a lot closer after the Jordan wood scandal The Insider explains Sophia really helped Kylie through the emotional roller coaster during the Jordan situation she was really there for her and took her side through everything the situation with Jordan made them closer the source also adds the 21 year old trust Richie around her one-year-old daughter stormy Kylie also trusts Sophia around stormy which is very important to her Sophia has been around since stormy was born and Kylie feels comfortable with having her around her child after getting to know her better they have now formed an irreplaceable bond it looks like Jenner has found her new partner in crime the source continued Kylie loves how fun Sophia is and has been inviting her over to her house more often – hey just the two of them they love staying home and watching movies and cooking together while hanging with stormy Kylie knows whenever she wants a girls night out on the town she can always count on Sophia for a good time however the Kylie cosmetics founder and Richie weren't always this inseparable when she began dating Kourtney Kardashian's ex Scott Disick the first source points out that it took a very long time for Sophia to be accepted into the family once more time passed and the kardashian-jenner got to know her better they understood why her and Scott are a great match and ended up loving her as a person the insider continues they consider her a part of the family now and it's an amazing dynamic in fact Kylie and Sophia's bond has become so strong that the insider explains if Sophia and Scott were ever to break up her and Kylie would still be very good friends FOMO aside this is what we call friendship goals


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