Inside Khloé Kardashian's Perfectly Pink 35th Birthday Bash | E! News

go inside khloe kardashian's perfectly pink 35th birthday bash the Keeping Up with the Kardashians family came together to celebrate the East hours big day in a very pink way KOCO Kylie Jenner and Kim took fans inside the over-the-top affair right pulling up to Khloe's birthday the bday bash was decorated from top to bottom in varying shades of pink florals how rosy did it get well there was even plates of pink grilled cheese passed around for chef K only offers food with pink grilled cheese the mother of one inspired drink menu included cocktails named I'm in love with the coco and khlomoney moves which totally gave us instant FOMO but it didn't stop there though some of the birthday girls most infamous quotes were featured on pink cups which featured matching straws adorned with her face Kylie's photo shoot setup was clearly a big highlight for Khloe auntie Kylie's set up the coolest photoshoot opportunity it's a look we have wait for the Sun to go down but Khloe got on a mechanical bull and pleaded for them to take it slow in Spanish forget little true thompson who matched her proud mama in a pink ensemble serving total mother-daughter goals yeah this farmer definitely knows how to party


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