Innovation Entrepreneur Awards: Aira

an innovator never stops learning so it all came about while I was doing my MBA and I'm brainstorming with a friend of mine who is legally blind we've been talking about what if a person who is remotely located can see whatever he sees and translate all that information in real-time to him IRA is the service that provides instant access to information to our customers who are blind or visually impaired thanks to Google we have the camera equipped smart glasses our technology is exceptional it's what connects our users in our agents he put the glass and you press a button we got to have the real agent within less than 10 seconds that agents voice the way that they describe something how efficient they are how resourceful they are at getting information quickly is what our user experiences this human agent sits in front of the computer and how access to what we call a mission control style dashboard now on this dashboard they are able to see whatever the blind person sees in real time in less than half a second right now we have active explorers we have just over 60 agents all throughout the u.s. it's pretty amazing how our explorers are taking this technology and discovering multitude of ways and how it incorporates in their daily lives we were able to attend CES because of the CTA foundation award Cydia allowed us to display our technology at Eureka pod and exposed us to lots of technologists investors which ultimately helped us secure or financing IRA was awarded Best in Show at CES best new technology by PC Magazine and best new startup by Engadget and this award has meant that we've been able to move to that next tier in terms of the number of people that know about IRA really reach a population that we would not have otherwise you

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