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Information and Entertainment System-Settings | How To | 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

[music playing] You can customize virtually every system or
feature your vehicle has to offer, and you can do it all through your Information and
Entertainment System. Select SETTINGS from the main menu or multitasking
bar. Choose the system category you want. From there, navigate to the feature you’d
like to activate, deactivate, or adjust. Generally, you can make adjustments one of
two ways: you can select the feature right on a submenu screen and push down on the rotary
pad to cycle through available options, or you can move the dial right into a dedicated
feature menu, and make your adjustments there. For example, you can choose LIGHTS to tweak
headlight sensitivity, interior lighting, and more. Personalize how the system displays information using the UNITS & LANGUAGE and CLOCK & DATE menus. SAFETY lets you modify features like speed
limiter and blind spot monitoring, while DRIVER ASSISTANCE accesses your rearview camera,
parking and brake related features. Other system categories include DOORS & LOCKS,
the INSTRUMENT CLUSTER, the Information and Entertainment System itself, and more. This video is not intended to take the place
of your Owner’s Manual. For complete details and other important safety
information, please see your Owner’s Information.

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