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Indya Moore: “It’s More Tricky to Exist Than to Walk in This Dress” | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Oh, my goodness. You look amazing. -Thank you, girl. Oh, you know I try. -You try. Just a little something she threw together. -Little somethin´ somethin´. -I want to talk to you, because, yes, you look fantastic,
and we´re going to talk fashion in a minute. -Thank you. You, too.
-But you´ve had quite the journey to get to this carpet. You just did an “Elle” cover. It was stunning pictures, absolutely gorgeous. But the interview that went with it — -Did you read it? -I read it word for word and cried.
-Wow. -Your story was so powerful, so moving.
-Thank you for reading it. -Thank you for being interviewed like that. I mean, how great is it to have a platform like that and to
be able to speak out now? -I mean, it´s amazing. When I was growing up, I wanted to be a doctor, a natural
healer. And I think in order to be an effective healer, you have to
heal yourself. But it´s just really important that I´m still able to access
my dreams through my art now. And I´m just so grateful that I´ve been able to leverage my
access to have a healing impact on others and to share my story and affirm that, you know, people who
are going through what I went through aren´t alone, because that´s how I felt. I felt often isolated. And, yes, we all feel alone, but it doesn´t mean that your
experience of feeling alone is less relevant. Yeah, I´m just really proud to be here. -Well, we´re very happy to see you, as well. And I´m going to jump onto the fashion, ´cause it´s all
connected in a way, ´cause you are now a Louis Vuitton ambassador. -I am — I have a close relationship with Louis Vuitton. -Has a close relation– Which is mega. Mega. And you´re in it with Michelle Williams, Jennifer Garner. I think they´re lucky to have you. -Thank you.
-How do you feel? -I mean, damn. I appreciate you putting it in, like, “I think they´re lucky
to have me,” like, that means so much to me. There aren´t a lot of trans people of color in these spaces. And I think the reason why there´s so little representation
of marginalized people is because there is this perception of a majority that we´re
not important. And when we´re included, it affirms that we are important
and that we do belong. So I´m happy to occupy that reality and that space. -Well, we´re happy you are, too, because you look
phenomenal. Can we just talk down this look? Oh, my — I mean, this — Easy on, easy off. -Oh, don´t unzipper it. My titties bite. -What about this slit, though? Look at this. Two. -Thank you.
-Is this going to be tricky to walk in? -No! -No! She got it down. You look absolutely stunning. Give me a pose, a final pose. -It´s more tricky to exist than it is to walk in this dress. -I love her so much. You´re so beautiful. Thank you for being here tonight. -Thank you. Thank you so much.
-Thank you for telling your story, too, truly.


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