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Indie Movie Guide – XX, Dying Laughing, Oscar Predictions

Hello everyone, it’s Alicia Malone. Welcome to Fandango Indie Movie Guide, and happy Oscars week! That’s right, all of this- Awards watch! Awards watch! Awards watch! Awards watch on this one! Has come down to this Sunday And at the end of the show I’ll be giving you my predictions in the major categories So stay tuned for that. But first, Let’s get into what’s out in theatres Starting with a horror anthology called “XX”. Now this is a collection of four short films and animation inbetween and the only stipulation for being part of this anthology was that your film had to be directed by a woman, written by a woman, and starring a woman. And that is so important because Hollywood at the moment, as I’m sure you’ve seen from all the headlines, is incredibly unequal when it comes to gender representation behind the camera. Like all anthologies, you will enjoy some short films better than others Each of the films has very unique styles I almost wish there was some kind of unifying object, or theme or something to tie them all together Because it does feel very seperate XX TRAILER: “You’re not getting up from this table until you eat that pizza,” “Do you understand me?” “Just eat!” “If you don’t eat, eventually you’ll die.” “So?” ALICIA: It seems like you guys did have that nice camaraderie, does it feel like a good support group? Having these ladies together? I think actually, support group, yeah. Yep. We sit around like this and- There’s a lot of crafting. We craft. Macramé. No, everybody’s so lovely. It’s been nice to share the experience with this great group of people. When you’re a director you’re usually the only one. Yeah. On a film. So working with other directors, You’re getting to see parts of their process. And what things that they’ve done that work for them Or you get to talk about like “Oh, how did you configure that shot?” and that kind of thing. So it’s uh, it is a really interesting experience that I think is a little outside the norm. Horror in particular, would you say, is a genre that not only male-dominated behind the scenes But just in terms of the idea of the male gaze? Mhmm, yeah. It’s always exciting to imagine… Re-entry into another kind of consciousness Which in this case is this idea of the feminine perspective, the female, the female mind, the female heart. And to me, it’s just so exciting. Because the world needs more access to that right now Literally right at this very moment We need more female voices And I think that the genre in particular women have been misrepresented in front of the camera and under-represented behind the camera for a very long time We’ve been um, pincushions and knife-fodder far more than we’ve been final girls. And it’s amazing, you know, it’s not so much the kinds of stories that we tell It’s just shifting the perspective a little That makes it so totally novel And a new experience You can see “XX” in theatres or on Video on Demand I recommend popping it on at home and having a good night in watching some talented ladies. Now another film that you can watch at home this week It’s a documentary called “Dying Laughing”. DYING LAUGHING TRAILER: “Comedy is purely a result,” “Of your ability to withstand self-torture.” ALICIA: This is a doc’ all about stand-up comedy Which to me seems like the scariest thing you could possibly ever want to do. It gathers together incredible interviews from some of the biggest names in comedy. From Jerry Seinfeld to Kevin Hart to Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman, To the late, great Garry Shandling and Jerry Lewis So many more And they all get very personal when it comes to why they do stand-up comedy What it feels like when they get that laugh And what it’s like when you bomb badly. DYING LAUGHING Trailer: “I didn’t see it.” “I’m like” “See what? What are you talking about?” “Potential.” “I don’t think you have what it takes to be a comedian.” “I said” “Goddamn! To my face?” ALICIA: So if you’ve ever had an interest in stand-up comedy then I recommend you check out “Dying Laughing” I thought it was very fascinating Still, never want to do that job. DYING LAUGHING TRAILER: “When I was younger,” “It used to just literally, uh, it would kill me.” “And now I’m able to float through it now because… I have money.” (Laughter) “Got money” I’m very famous. ALICIA: And now to my Oscar predictions! I will say this year is quite interesting Many things have happened since the start of awards season Which has changed my mind and I’m sure there could be surprises on the night But so far, here is what I’m thinking: Best Supporting Actress This is the one category I think is a lock For Viola Davis, for her brilliant performance in “Fences”. She put her heart and soul on the line. This is her third nomination And would be her first win. Best Supporting Actor I think it’ll go to Mahershala Ali for “Moonlight” He has had a brilliant career and a great year with his other performance in “Hidden Figures” as well. First nomination and I would love to see him take it. Best Actress Emma Stone for “La La Land”. “La La Land” will most likely sweep the Oscars Taking home awards in categories like Best Song and Best Score And Emma Stone will be the representative in the acting category. This is her second nomination. She’s been nominated before for Best Supporting Actress for Birdman. Here she’ll take her first Oscar, and very well-deserved because she is the emotional centre of that movie Plus the singing, and the dancing, it’s all very impressive. Best Actor At the star of awards season I thought Casey Affleck was a lock. But after Denzel Washington took the Screen Actors Guild Award, I think it’ll go to Denzel Washington for “Fences”. This is his seventh acting nomination! And this would his third Oscar win. He did Best Supporting Actor for “Glory”, Best Actor for “Training Day” and now Best Actor for “Fences”. Rightly deserved, he’s someone who can go from charismatic to terrifying in the blink of an eye And he’s already the African American actor with the most amount of Oscars, And this would again set another record. Best Director I think it’ll be Damien Chazelle for “La La Land”. This is his first nomination in the Directing category But he has been nominated before for writing for both “Whiplash” and “La La Land”. He is such a talented guy. He’s got a great vision. Lots to say. And I think “La La Land” is the culmination of everything that he’s done before. And Best Picture “La La Land” Which has been sweeping the other awards, including winning the Producers Guild Award Which is usually the biggest predictor for Best Picture. There’s an outside chance that “Moonlight” could sneak in there and win But I think it’ll be “La La Land”. I mean, Hollywood loves movies about Hollywood. And it’s so beautifully done, to be able to bring a musical back and make it modern and fresh But also tip your hat at previous movies I mean it’s one of my favourite films from last year. So there you have it, those are my quick predictions for the Oscars What about yours? Let me know in the comments below. Or you can tweet me “@aliciamalone” And don’t forget this week to see in theatres or at home, “XX”. And at home, “Dying Laughing”. I’ll see you next time. Bye!

  • I love La La Land, but I will be so happy if it just doesn't take all those awards, it really doesn't deserve them all. I'm fine with it getting director and score, maybe song too. But things like screenplay and acting, no sorry. Moonlight please get what you deserve !

  • Anybody here a fan of Karyn Kusama's Jennifer's Body? Emma Watson will win Best Actress Oscar, her performance in La La Land was so… wait, I meant Emma Stone. Oops.

  • I was all for Emma Stone winning the Oscar, but I finally saw Jackie today. It was an absolutely amazing performance from Natalie Portman, and she was in every single scene, so it wouldn't even be a movie without her.

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