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India, Vote Kar | Episode Two – Dowry | 9tanki Entertainment | #VoteKar

I’ve been thinking… I am having trouble travelling to work Ok, and? Can we buy a scooty (bike)? What? Scooty (bike)? Are you out of your mind? You had trouble, whatsoever, travelling to work, before we got married What changed now? And if you wanted a scooty (bike) that badly… You should have asked your dad to have given us a scooty (bike), and not just a car, as dowry That, you couldn’t do! Needs a bike, it seems, huh! I did not have a say in choosing my life partner But what’s stopping you? From choosing your political representative (neta) So please excercise your right to Vote Giving or taking dowry is wrong But you know what else is wrong? Not excercising your right to VOTE So India, cast your VOTE!


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