In Memoriam 2000 72th Oscars

thank you we celebrate the impact we celebrate the impact that films have on our lives in a lot of different ways on a daily basis obviously we buy our tickets maybe some of us adopt a style of dress inspired by favorite character or we drive to work singing a song or wonderful piece of score that we've heard in the film the night before if you're like me you quote your favorite scenes and lines from films until your friends are thoroughly bored and if you're like Kevin Spacey sitting over here you call your friends pretending me Marlon Brando and then laugh at them when they get all excited but the event of an award ceremony like this evening affords us a special opportunity to pay special kinds of tribute and we would be remiss tonight if we didn't take a moment to pause and pay tribute to the artists who are no longer with us but whose creative gifts and contributions will continue to enrich us through the years you

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