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In 60: Faculty Excellence Awards 2019

I like the students realizing how
diverse psychology is and how it applies to every single discipline that they
want to study Everybody likes solving puzzles.
Mathematics is all about solving puzzles. I’m Heather Bubnick. I’m Michelle Foust. I
have been teaching for about 25 years. This is my 13th year teaching here at
Lorain County Community College. A lot of times students come into my class
dreading mathematics and I enjoy the challenge of making it interesting or
fun for them. I’ve been there I’ve cried over math problems before. What intrigues
me about psychology is that we are around people every day, people we know,
people we don’t know, getting to understand ourselves better. We do a lot
of conversations in my classes. I take great pride in what I do. My family and
friends sort of tease me because I never say I’m going to work, I always say I’m
going to school because I believe so much in lifelong learning. I can’t
imagine not being a math teacher. My colleague Jeff Zeager puts it best when
he says, “Math is not a spectator sport.” The best part of my day is when I’m
working with my students in class.

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