I'm Gold Medal Ready because…

I'm part of the gold-medal ready program because I really want to give back to not only my own sport but you know future Australians competing at the Olympics I want to give back what I've learned I have so much success strategies and skills that are that I've been passed on from other people I want others to relish in the beauty of achieving their dreams just as I have I think it's really important to capture that collective knowledge and to be able to transfer that to the next generation I'm part of gold medal ready because I really want to help in any way that I can I've been met already and I'd love to see every Australian Olympian also be gone already I'm really proud of what I've achieved in my sporting career and I want to share some of those experiences with those coming through you know the good times the bad times the highs the lows we've been through it and what we came out with good the other side so you know it's all about trying to help the next generation of athletes you

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