I'm Bad At Battalion 1944 But It's For Your Own Entertainment

why is your Spanish music playing with the playing step bank shabang shabang shabang should I hide in deadly one but a – a – I got a sneeze boy oh my pistol that doesn't belong there Oh shebang shit oh one – OH what hey headshot see guys I'm good at games I don't know you guys are talking about I'm not that bad games at all this is a game we actually got no shut up Kyle God when you expose me I try to read chat as much as I can while playing this game you know oh I should probably keep my eye on the game okay oh wait what was he doing stop dude in the hick wow that guy's I can't move why can't I move the game's over okay but is it what this map again here I'm like I might drop a 40 bomb fuck this one – I can't hit my shots man God I got my pistol I cheated for a little bit I can reload my gun wait what oh all right doesn't count why can't I move hello Oh match is starting oh it was Gary here I know it I know it watch watch hold yeah watch doesn't mean our guy right here just any second right now any second nope he's right behind me now he's over here wait why my pistol out hey um you go for the streamers the five kills five kills I'm already halfway there what I'm already I'm off oh fuck hello hello well we're halfway there wait I'm at five kills pay up hello I need buddy hope jump shot bitch do my aims so good in this game why can i aim be like this and every other okay in there mine wait these are all BOTS people join the game I don't wanna play against bots this is kind of embarrassing over here jump coop bitch I maybe can be the top through the whole game make that top two and then one why is it keep switching to my fucking pistol bro peek your little fucking and oh my god are you shoot for 20 kills I'm I'm already halfway there wait what's a man headshot hey stop it right now stop stop it stop it stop it why isn't he peeking now hello he's dead alright for the reason you're doing good is because they're all BOTS Ally there's no need to expose me ok this is not Victor mm-hmm I'm the one and only Turkey oh you're damn right what's up headshot oh and you guys any questions hello oh well this is not Dan Lee the manly he's getting owned up by one of the bots man I shot my gun I pulled the trigger me oh oh no you don't oh no you don't don't don't you did I always get third party always so you can prune this game oh hey I got every let my gun I got this excuse me time out time out OOP thing I'm gonna try an otoscope fuck it 1:01 – dude triple feed noscope I am pretty fucking good the game oh I got 33 kills I am pretty good the game I would like to say these no so sacred well no scopez aren't really that you see these crosshairs it's actually very easy to noscope like to watch this guy right here never mind but you get the point noscope this entire game let's do it wait wait where do you go hello hello oh my god shut up alright mute them that scared the fuck out of me wait how'd I miss hahaha I am the snake please don't kill Oh idiot why are you you mean this game Punk you can't not like it matters I haven't drank any of my coffee wait where's my coffee holy shit is gonna go cold before I even in the stream ah it's not going cool anytime soon it's really hot okay what's up oh oh oh he got me okay let's try this again this guy right here oh well they're kind oh hey what's up man oh hey marker hey hey hey oh these maps see any bigger or they need a face what the fuck hey I'm leaving this lobby I want to find a lot of you with more actual people in it I don't want to play against bots but armory wait can I get like skin Oh who have 11 chess pace opening what did we get how do I open it how the fuck up what is this like an inert gun everyone in war is gonna see where the fuck I am let's just yeah it's throw yellow honor my gun open I'll open another one only I like the skin got nine more left yes oh my god what's with all the m1 Garands I want to sleep your skin like now Oh pistol om 1911 shit case number I don't know but it doesn't matter their keys the best reamer I don't know about what that one I've wait alright another m1911 can I get a sniper skin please hello mmm a cure okay I just want a sniper please and thank you wait wait I saw one more whoa the last one we get a fucking what's purple mean is that good or bad do the voice wait you're already doing it what do you mean Oh real funny Oh oh my god man who's shooting at me die don't you got lean on me oh my god I've been alright I just need that fucking you got over here and then come back and psych oh boy there's a gun on the ground someone was here hello stop oh god I didn't know what's gonna go for this one up there was down hello oh I came up behind me man what those let's get the Oni ah I just spawned man fix the spawns fuck some spawn trapping you bitch yes right you dead best you're dead roll right these guys are about to go in a foreign house weapon up nevermind I am all right round two nevermind what the fuck I keep doing spot not this time motherfuck all right around 54 okay that makes a lot more sense as a full lobby of actual players see guys I'm not actually that good at the game okay I'm not that good but you just love me what bullet hey where'd he go hello Oh whooping whooping good okay just jump into my bullet that's okay man's death montage you're right Vicky's death montage and fucking history bro I'm not that good at the game she is dead man walking hello oh yeah fucking god oh my god I'm doing worse than all the bots take your time deep breaths deep breaths deep breaths deep breaths one two aah aah what's the nice buy-in I gotta start lighting people Oh like I got fucking thoughts and I'm not sick oh this is PO bo stuck all over again die dah oh my god tried knifing him I got run over here we first want to run out front oh look it like this little guy oh I missed I missed – Oh swerve swerve got him he's right here fuck it I'm knifing him never mind I'm not knifing him he's drop-shotting he is gonna die I'm gonna die ah I'm already dead brah let's go super say never mind oh hey bot come on don't shoot me don't shoot me this is mean gotcha yeah stupid BOTS welcome to a stream where I absolutely suck see who's shooting me oh you are you might aim so good in this game why can't I am be like this and every other okay and they're mine the reason you're doing good is because they're all BOTS there's no need to expose me okay keep your little fucking it oh my job

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