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IFE review – Inflight Entertainment System – Air India (Domestic A320 fleet)

In my previous video I briefly reviewed the Business class of Air India’s Airbus A319 aircraft which you can see by clicking on the video now or clicking the link in the description box. In this video I will show you the details of the Inflight Entertainment System available on their Airbus fleet for domestic sectors. The business class PTV is 10.6 inches in size and is touch screen. The IFE starts in the Map mode wherein it toggles between the Flight Details screen the Airline logo screen and the Map screen in 3 different zoom levels. Touching the mode button on the screen brings you to the Video mode where 6 movie channels are displayed. This unfortunately is a non-AVOD system which I believe is the norm for short haul flights these days The on screen touch controls give you an option of changing channels, volume and the brightness of the screen. Touching the Mode button again will switch off the video, and take you to the Audio mode, with a wide variety of audio channels to choose from. Press Mode again and the Map screen appears along with the music playing in the background. There’s also an option to change the aspect ratio of the screen if you’re not a big fan of 16:9. All this can also be controlled by the hard button controls on your arm rest. The IFE kept me busy on a 3 hour flight from Delhi and the movies that were being played were pretty decent. Overall I would rate their IFE 4 out of 5 for short haul flights. It would’ve been a perfect 5 had it been an AVOD system just how they have on their long haul Boeing aircrafts Please leave a comment below and do check out our other videos Also dont forget to Subscribe! Thank you!

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