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– [Narrator] Hey, who wants
to read my edgy tweets about the Marvel Universe? – [Man] Shut up! – [Actor On TV] I didn’t get
to say goodbye to Martha. – [Actor On TV] Who’s Martha? – [Actor On TV] That’s my mom. – Why are you watching
Batman vs. Superman, this movie sucks. I mean, they wouldn’t
just stop fighting because their moms have the same first names. – You know what I’m gonna say, right? – Movies would be stupid
if they were realistic. – Yep. (playful music) – Found her. (playful music) – No, no Jack Skellington, no. (gasps) Oh, no. – Billy, Billy, are you okay? – I just had a nightmare that
Christmas already happened. – No honey, Christmas is tomorrow. – Ahhh. – But your mother and I
are getting a divorce. (whimpers) (playful music) (lamb baas) – Shhh. (lamb baas quietly) – That’s better. (playful music) (glee club singing) – Hi, I’m Becca. (giggles) (playing cups)
♫ I’ve got a ticket ♫ For the long way down ♫ To find my scheme ♫ And I will ♫ It comes to (playing cups) ♫ You’ll miss me ♫ Miss me when I’m gone ♫ – Next! (cup falls on ground) (playful music) (screaming) (playful music) (classical music) (Grandfather clock chimes) – Oh no, it’s midnight. I must go. – Oh! Because the spell will wear off and you’ll turn back into a dirty peasant? – What? No, my glass slippers are killing me and I wanna go home and eat a pizza. What you said was insulting. (playful music) – [In Unison] One, two, three, four Zorclon. (flies buzzing) (playful music) – Okay, bye Shasta. Don’t get into too much
trouble when I’m gone. Or I’m gonna see it. (laughs) Pets. I bet they go on such
crazy human-like adventures when people aren’t looking. (pop music)
Bye baby. (playful music) (grunting) – Okay, you’re right. Movies would be stupid
if they were realistic. – Yep. – All right, hands up! I want your wallets, I want your watches, and I want your cash. Hand them over. Get those watches, come on. Hand them over. Hold up, hold up, hold up. Who is this? – That’s my mom. Ann. – Your mother’s name is Ann? – Yes. – My mother’s name is Ann. (exhales) – It’s like we’re– – Practically related. – Yeah. (laughs) – Man, this is so cool. (laughs) I can’t rob you, I’m sorry. – What?! Okay, that’s barely a coincidence. You’re not gonna rob him
over the trivial fact that your moms have the first same names? – I’m sorry, what’s your mother’s name? – Ian’s mom. (groans) (exhales) – Uh. Wanna get some fro yo, or? – Heck yeah! – [Narrator] Hey guys,
thanks so much for watching. Click the box on the left to watch behind the scenes footage, and deleted scenes. And click the box on the right to watch If Movies Were Real three. And if you’re watching this
on a touchscreen device, you can now click the boxes on the screen. The future is so cool.


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