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Come on guys let’s go, I’m here to save you. But no we good. Yeah, this is a pretty sweet setup. Yeah, we get to have sex, then we get free food, then have more sex. It’s pretty sweet. Yeah. I mean we all had to kill like 400 dudes in order to be here, so it’s a pretty prime opportunity. This is tight. Yeah, I guess that makes sense. You can join us if you want. You want? I was gonna ask that! Is that okay? Yeah, yeah! Take off your clothes, I got some clothes for you. That sounds great, it really does. Oh guys. Mother, mother! Where are you? Mother? Hello? Oh, god- no no n- Wait! I become beautiful if you fall in love with me! *Pfft* Yeah I’ve heard that one before. Peace! God dammit! Keep your eyes closed Rose… No peeking! Haha okay, Jackie! *grunts* You’re really heavy. Let me just- Gah! WOOOOWWWW! I’m FLYING!! *splash* Help! Somebody help! Somebody help us! Please! Don’t worry, I can save you! Who are you? I’m aqua woman! Oh, so you’re like a mermaid. That’s really cute. Be careful. Don’t sing cuz we might fall in love with you.*laughter* Save yourselves. Wait, come back. I want to kiss you. C’mon! Hahaha you’re funny! Thanks! *laughs* You’re…huh… You’re a vampire! This is what I look like. This is who I am. Wow, you’re all- Sparkly in the Sun. Yeah, I know. It’s a new highlighter that I got. Sephora, bitch. Oh, pfff… Wow, guys… That’s really funny. Iron man, Iron woman . I get it, that’s- you deserve a reward. Seriously, that’s just- No, just kidding. This joke is stupid. Are you serious? Look at this dress!! Are you gonna- Oh, OH! Help! Somebody help us, please! Please! (grunts, meows) I’ll save you. Oh… You’re just Catwoman. Uh-ah-ah no. Y’all can save yourselves. Catwoman! Somebody help!! Like a big strong man. It’s coming. Brace yourself. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhh- Ohhhhh- Ohhhh! Oh wow. Can’t believe you guys watched that video. That’s- thank you so much. Hey if you want to watch, “If Movies Were Real 5 There’s a box on the left for that. If you want to watch “How Not To Piss off Women” Guess what! Box on the right- take it right there!


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