Identical Draw: Late Season Reflections | Trophy Ridge

hello just got set up in this blind by the edge of this cornfield first okay here we are we were at the hunting land that I was at two nights ago Mikael is joining me it's about 30 degrees warmer so we're gonna get into blind and hope they come out in the corn we're gonna move the blind over a little bit so we're kind of close to where they came out so should be an exciting evening what do you think Thompson her hon tonight again the same cornfield head as final days of the season begin to wind down my mind wanders back to the beginning I think about all the hard work sweat and anticipation of the summer months I think of the journeys out west both the successes and failures and I'd love to help part of hunting there are many lessons learned and mistakes made that's part of being honest I laugh in my head about the fun we had and the memories we made because that is looking this backs and makes us love what we do alright Christmas but in the end I think the best beauty we saw and experienced people had supported us time spent together as brothers and soon God blessed us all possibly


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