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Iconic 80s with Lea Thompson | HDNET MOVIES

[Lea Thompson] I mean, it was an interesting
time to be an actress because it was the first resurgence, or the first time, where John
Hughes brought in young people as people. Not like just like, ‘Woo hoo we’re in Beach
Blanket Bingo!’ or something like that. They were complex characters and I happened to
be there at the right time to get those parts. Where they would take a chance on someone
with no experience as an actor. I got really lucky that way. [Tara McNamera] Well I know Rob Lowe
had written about the fact that what people don’t realize is they weren’t making stories
for teenagers and therefore there wasn’t an acting pool that really existed. So the people
who came in at that moment, you guys really saw each other and worked with each other alot. [Lea] Yeah, I never quite made it to the brat pack. *imitates crying*
[Tara] Sometimes you’re included in that list. [Lea] I know I’m really not in that list. But yeah, there was a great group of actors that we all, and it’s great because a lot of us are still working.
I bump into a lot of people, a lot of us are directing, you know, Andrew McCarthy, Eric
Stoltz, myself. I see these actors around and it’s wonderful to have shared those experiences
with them coming up. And we’d always see each other when we were auditioning. It was a real
camaraderie because it was a pretty tight-knit group at that point. And it was really an
interesting bubble to be in, you know? And I feel so lucky.

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