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IBM Watson and the GRAMMY Connection

The GRAMMYs Music’s Biggest Night. But for artists to find themselves on this
stage takes years of hard work and the support of a vast and complex community
of songwriters, bands, and fellow artists. And this year, for the first time ever, this
complicated web of relationships is being analyzed by IBM Watson, and served up to fans with GRAMMYconnect. GRAMMYconnect is unlike anything we’ve ever
done before. It’s all about the connections between GRAMMY-nominated artists over the
years. And using AI to surface those connections
in a beautiful and engaging way. This is a whole new channel for us . . . a
whole new way for us to drive fan engagement. It’s a huge honor to be a part of this community. And to be connected with so many brilliant
GRAMMY-nominated artists. I’ve been having so much fun just exploring
all of these unexpected connections. That’s insane! I had no idea I was connected to her. GRAMMYconnect is a fascinating use case of
AI. We used IBM Watson Discovery to ingest and
analyze more than 14 million bios and news articles
on 19,000 GRAMMY-nominated artists. Watson Discovery then used its understanding
of natural language to identify more than 20 million connections, or common attributes Across a larger community of more than 50,000
musicians and public figures. And fans can explore those connections by
genre, artist, or even the most unexpected relationships. GRAMMYconnect helps us fulfill our core mission
of celebrating music and those who create it. And we have an amazing collection of GRAMMY
content for them…videos, photos, collaborations. So we want them to spend more time on our
platforms, before, during and after the GRAMMY Awards telecast. And GRAMMYconnect gives us a great new way
to bring them in. We love the fact that we’re giving music
fans a new way to engage with the GRAMMYs. But we’re also excited about demonstrating
the power of AI to a whole new audience. The AI behind GRAMMYconnect is the same technology
we use to help oncologists mine medical research and match cancer patients to thousands of
ongoing clinical trials. And its the same technology we use to help
investment banks uncover hidden insights from millions of articles and blogs. But that’s not something the average music
fan has a chance to experience. And now they can. From hip hop to healthcare . . . From indie rock to investment banking . . . From rock and roll to oil and gas . . . IBM is changing the game, and changing the
world. Let’s put smart to work.


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