I WAS ON E NEWS… (live t.v. fail) *embarrassing*

that we sent Justin to Hollywood Boulevard to put people to the test thank you look like either really smart or really stupid it's a yeah hey guys it's Emma and I'm back with another video in today's video I'm gonna be reacting to me on a news live television looking like an idiot yeah it really did happen and I did not expect this at all but anyways my name is Emma Vega and thank you for clicking on the video make sure to subscribe down below and turn on the post notifications if you want to be notified when I post and anyways let's get on with the video I was in LA and we were at the Hollywood Walk of Fame and I didn't know like anything about well know like I knew that out like TV show people would like come on on the streets and like ask people questions and like kind of make you look like either really smart or really stupid so I mean if you know who I am then you know that it's gonna be that I'm gonna look stupid so that is what this video is all about and I hope you guys enjoy I'm just gonna kind of react to it and you can check out the video if you guys want I thinkwell know it aired on like July like 17th so I can like have the link down below and you can see it but yeah so I didn't even know that I was like on TV until like someone sent me a video and was like this is you and I was like oh my gosh so I had a video my mom posted it on her Facebook so okay and I literally don't have that much time to film this video cuz I have somewhere to be so I'm just gonna maybe I should like go more this way and then I'll have it over here and we can just watch it together and then I'll just like react to it so enews approached us and was like oh do you like want to be in this something like me my dad were like okay cuz I was vlogging you guys will see my last video I can link it down below but I did a la vlog but it spits go girl transformation so you guys can see that but I was just vlogging that whole day and then I was like oh my gosh like put this in my vlog this will be cool have like the full video that my mom videoed on my camera me in my bad like that one's so easy why didn't I get that one I'm so good at songs my dad Lisa knew that that was good like I'm so stupid why did I say that like I don't know how I didn't know that but I just like none of those names even like okay I'm pausing actually like I'm gonna react like during it but I did on my college writing paper I did something about like bands breaking up for one of my essays it had to be like something involving like music and there was just like different like things you could choose from and then she said you can like go up and ask my like professor was like if you want to like talk about something else involving the music industry then just like let me know and I'll see if it's like you can do it and so I was like thinking about fifth harmony and they're like break up and I was like oh my god like I can write all about this because I'm like obsessed with Camila and she like broke off with a band so she said I could do that so I talked about um harmony breaking up Destiny's Child breaking up so I knew all the old names like all of the people that have been involved with Destiny's Child and I literally knew all these people like I danced their songs like I love them and I literally just like blanked out like that's what happens when you get pot like a microphone like right there you're just like like oh my gosh like when my dad literally said heckle in freakin Jekyll look over here I'm putting in what heckle and Jeckle is it is a cartoon like TV show of like two birds do you think I'm kidding no you just got put on the spot and like usually I'm like pretty good at being put on the spot but in this case I was just a hot mess my dad right now and then be going like this cuz I'm literally like I'm embarrassing myself and I didn't know it would air but I'm literally like and then there's my dad when he doesn't know something he just like tries to be funny okay yeah this girl was like on the sides watching us look awful and he was like you want a phone a friend I'm like oh my god girl get over here and save us cuz we are just bad you what if you want to go to we're so bad yes she saved our day you're gonna hear me say oh yeah cuz I'm like oh my gosh like I did a paper on this why didn't I like say any of this I didn't know it see this girl but I yeah and I don't know how long they were there cuz they only got a few people yeah and that was the video my thoughts on it is I didn't know that it would air and I embarrass myself and that's okay because it was kind of funny except I wish it was like finished the lyrics or something like that I wouldn't like when they came up and I said they were gonna talk about Beyonce I was like oh my gosh like this is gonna be so good but I can kind of like I'm gonna put in right now um how they kind of like introduced to you and like just ask you and they were like oh so like do you like Beyonce and my dad was like oh yeah my Sheila since Beyonce all the time and then at the end they like ask you if you're okay with putting it on the air and so we both said yes yeah it was fun but it was just kind of embarrassing cause I'm like wow I looked so stupid but and again it was funny so if you're ever in LA and they ask you just do it because it's fun and whatever you might get on TV okay so that's it for the video and again if you guys want to see my la vlog that I actually did during that time I was there and it was my first time visiting and I had so much fun definitely I'm gonna leave it after on the end screen and I'll have it down below but yeah make sure to subscribe down below and hopefully I'll see you guys all in my next video bye guys a feeling good boy

  • Awesome reaction Emma😍 that is so cool you got to appear on TV you are a star🌟. So sweet of your Mom to vlog it, you and your Dad did a great job. You are as stunning and as talented as Beyoncé❤️✨xx!

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