broke his ankle is about to fall make Kobe Bryant freakin fall on his bite that's great let's go doesn't need to be green but we just know that's going in alright bros another day of beautiful 2k not really this game fuckin sucks but as you see the top right corner of your screen I've been grinding my career heavily I am now 96 overall and that's pretty exciting you know I get double VC you never get my place that's really anyways they drop these new packs where you get a guaranteed MBA draws player which is pretty dope cuz it's basically a king diamond a diamond guaranteed every time so like what you really want is a galaxy opals but we're hoping the few T's before we hop into something Ripper got you all right now that is insane that's a good start but no one knows who Derrick Coleman is with the first pick of the 1990 NBA Draft alright well this one was easy on there fuck it holy shit we got one boys holy shit I was not expecting the fourth batch Anthony Davis Oscar Robertson let's go bro open these packs the first time and we get a galaxy Opel let's freakin get it best 64,000 vc i've ever grind it for that's freaking awesome bro let's go oscar Roberts and I'm a king's man so you know that's just fucking dope bro let's go we actually got a County Opel just opening four packs that's freaking amazing guy and I'd almost didn't record I really just turned this on and I was like do fuck it we're gonna record you never know what happens and let's go bro we got a couch deal oh that's so good all right boy so we just pulled a galaxy opal Oscar Robertson and we're gonna try it on some triple threat and I haven't played triple threat in a minute and well for a video but I haven't playing offline and it's been going fucking terrible so this could go one of two ways even with two galaxies opals I swear everyone got like max galaxy opals now well you know one no one's a bum playing this even though the game just came out for four dollars apparently everyone has a galaxy opal I like this guy we got pink diamond Kevin Durant Tom Sanders never Daymond all over the card but I and then we got Toby Bryant the this might be this is I think this is winnable unless he's a fuckin he's goaded on the sticks and I'm gonna get my ass kicked and like always I'm gonna try to do the most I can with Oscar but you never know how it goes some time we get the dunk past Kobe I like it the strip Oscar giannis and get back to Oscar Green alright I was it – nailed it keep keep late time and I miss like the last two K where it said good I'm not a big fan of the late and early shit emerald very much I'm really get the block good job Oscar get that shit out of here bro what in Oscar didn't get the rebound what is that I was gonna have KD o green wrecking TAS no way Paul George got it Oscar going in oh and they get the shit animation but it still goes in thank you all you did something cool for once that's a dope Oh get on his back and I didn't shoot damn it broke his ankles about the fall make Kobe Bryant fricking fall on his bite that's great let's go no they need to be green but we just know that's going in I can't even dribble so if I break if I can ankle break your animation that's how you know it's fucking broken bird going in Reverse let's go good shit I don't really like this car so far I mean that wasn't too hard of a team and I don't like really running point guards but the first game that was that wasn't bad look at him he's happiest like bro he's got that gun first came on not bad not bad I think we could do better though dude what is this board how does that motivate me to play the game more like this is so bad wait literally it doesn't matter where the ball drops this is all trash I don't understand why the rewards for people playing the game are so fucking terrible well I swear I was like – I was thinking about this like ever since summer started brought all these fucking 12 year old sweats staying up past their bedtime bro dropping me off of these three galaxies elbows from their mom's credit card like it's actually terrible can I help you can I help you what you got it to work I gotta finish this video and I'll be on hey it's starting sorry that's my boy gave how to call me you know interrupt I'll probably leave that a you've got the Boeing I'll probably leave that in for you Gabe no I'm cold that's great man you're freaking amazing makes my heart just warm up inside like it there's the animation get that shit out of here don't key that's off timed it wrong and that one goes in do k you're so freakin bipolar oh no he's wide open good I'm timing this so bad they're falling his shot I can not time for the life of me you are trash kid get out of here boy what I just don't grab it and Zacks gonna bully me he's gonna eat me for dinner read contest let's go give it to Oscar Oscar okay that was early yes let's go Worcester four three two I really need to get like a gun show pulse on it like for the life of me and he's reaching every time I dribble but thanks probably give me a free gun get that shit out of here yeah how's it feel how's it feel Warren Warriors frickin jerseys this kid bro and you have numbers in your name you're fucking amazing you're fucking goaded give me the fucking ball and I don't get it cuz two K's what amazing like your best game ever made I love it I wish I would have waited the fucking year and bought the game for four fucking dollars that's what the games worth this games could make it please you're so good at the game I just want you to green that green bitch get the fuck out of here you're getting clams bro you are not taking a 30 I'm sorry get that out of here oh that's so Yanis this kid bro good shit bro it's time that thing thank God for 2k for buying me out right there with that trash shot you are garbage kid I hope you enjoy the rest of your trash day bro weekend warrior fans goodness I really like this Oscar card this is my favorite card hands down I only have two galaxy opal so I can't say it's like the great it's doubt wise apparently Paul George is better but this guy this Oscar Robertson is freaking goaded by I really fuck with it I don't really like running point cards and triple dip but look it we won both games evening it's this sweaty freaking warriors fan though but yeah this got Oscar Robertson I really fuck with it it is really good so if you guys pull this or you guys go by in an auction up kid you're freaking go dude with the MT unlike me you'll really enjoy yourself and look at my board it is so good bro like oh my goodness here we go really hope I get them three tokens up got the gold pack I'm excited


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