d-ends the code to use Popish not baby enjoy the baby yeah really quick before I hop into the video this is just like a really quick stupid ramp up dude I really don't get how to k can't release new car sailing it's actually sad no guys click on this video and it's actually trash how to kids a company cannot release new cars today I don't get why they didn't released new opal Luca opal Gobert opelu Williams be honest all those cars especially the people that don't even have new cars like Lou Williams Rudy Gobert I really don't understand this company's trash anyways you guys enjoy the video I live it I hate to guys before service faculty please just drop like cuz these are yeah they also released throwbacks and these ones are about any of these cars except for making Tim Duncan a little bit nobody cares about money more Tony Perkis so we got these War Award winners obviously Award winners are hot people obviously care about offices of elephants and packs but let's get it I'll East Java all we do it today it's your boy never struck another thing now we have a path for a year today it is on the MBA Ward's these PACs do look pretty cool like the design of the cars itself not new at all 2k blue Boyle what are you doing my god you know I'm saying what do you do it now I'll catch you guys so you don't have to the odds of you packs better be good is re-release card pink diamond for fast okay I'll just talk about something let's go give me goddess nothing who will I swear to God ask waiter guy the only one I care about is just obviously this car is gonna be like 10k even Yanis is gonna be cheap but I don't want Louise Pine like to KMT how do you say dude I don't get how they don't release new cards like maybe okay maybe for Luca may name be very honest because he already has Opel fine you can maybe release a better pink diamond fine but the fact that they don't even release in unit blue tell you don't sell take another big diamond loves daddy like they needed a galaxy opelu will need a galaxy Opel Rudy Gobert the freaking vertical base and amethyst it's June and aim at this it's supposed to be July look what and he's awesome yeah I better call it Opel dude if I pull it opal there's Opel siakam too you know saying they should have just made a new version of Luca the light now like that's so lazy and so annoying of 2k ah yo you're gonna make a Yanis – you don't have to make him I'm all 99's you can make his three-pointer like a 90 you don't have to make them all 99 I don't understand y2k would be this lazy with cars I really don't you know I'm saying I really don't I don't understand why they would do this either obviously if David if they drop you car see this isn't really go there if they drop you cards it's a win-win begin you content that you guys enjoy because the throwbacks are else today also they make poor money like they're not gonna make I don't care it doesn't take long to make a card it eliminate doesn't take long to make a card so I don't understand what's the hassle last year two gauging the horse ookay ever they were snuke arts there's new Ben Simmons etc etc you feel me we better pull it open I swear to God like this is 200 K BC for I won't put in these for you guys your feeling for the concept you know but this better be now I'm saying this but we do according for three minutes we better for an Opel and it better be Luca be Luca will still at least be more some MT guys what are these boxes bro like you can't have rereleased parts impact and make them our trash mobs you just can't do that there's no why I just spent 70 bucks for this right like there's no way like I mean don't rip the PayPal locks pack cheese PayPal cheese then I see that sounds first box was trashed thankfully you got to boxing my doubts you up the pool do my god show up at portland's get a baby come on we got it we system you gotta pull one arch these packs are garbage I don't know I have to do come on me ah the stupid silver globe yeah you can repack a new camera pack you camera pack let's go baby you know you can see everywhere now that's all good work this is new care by the way log Denver in the building let's go baby let's go boo boo do we really not already packed six Warren Park it's been five minutes for five minutes where I'm packed seven now like I gotta see an opal do like this is in like the odds to pull it opal better be damn good dude packing on my clothes on my Kobe I'm a Kobe running out of packs here bro come on Raja Nellie's okay that's heating things up this better be honest just to heat things up come on show me honest I don't like flipping old but I feel like that might just be the way for you honest like I don't know cuz I'm not feeling any other wave right now to pull something I'm not and we're not pulling anything still right now come on four packs come on close my eyes come on so you just want to be four minutes long dude come on show me I thought that was a freaking free agent Carter said come on man two packs left come on 2k your company's at you your company I don't care this matters be honest it's better this company's ass bro is this some sort of sick joke is this some sort of sick joke you know I'll use the rest of my MT well we'll just go back a four and pluck playoff throwback moments right here let's go back and forth but honestly man this is us like this is really trash this is sad if I don't pull anything out of this I don't even know I don't think I can upload this each bro like these big I don't know what to say this is drush give me somethin at least give me an opal at least give me an opal come on I've open up way too much I've owned I've waited too many packs 136 can we serve a lot of you know we sit on Mt show me something to kill you show me a sign of life here man and I remember our packs the SuperDrive to start here then they started coming up like crazy again and then there started they're starting to slowly slow down again with like the odds now like I don't like it dude I don't like bone trash 1 come on come on come on come on like what is this this shouldn't you should not even be allowed to pull a bronze monument and the fact that I have even pulled a freak in it bro cook with gold gold balls calyx cool but the fact that I haven't pulled at least a freaking Yanis yet is it it's discerning I just puts in here and pulled in blue Williams Lou Williams nobody keeps just gave me something here that's a gold player you have Frank okay Frank I'm praying to you man show me a sign show me a sign baby come on oh this better be on it's better be honest goddess I got yarn it's like about time he's gonna be a bio anyways know me an old fool come on baby come on come on this is this is just so bad man I like to kids sake this is disgusting bro this is disgusting daikon suck sookay sucks the whole company sucks they still suck how do you release cards it make the odds trash in them I don't understand like how do you just communing over on top of that they just she screwed over even more like give me an opal man gave me an opal look at me give me one dude I deserve one I do I'm one of the few people that open these trash packs stupid game five packs let's come on is that guy I know Luka it's gonna be cheap we're obviously pleased to be worth a good amount of empty come on you garbage company you waste of space company like just you gotta give me something here there's no way I just with a hundred like 16 K two of Mt there's just no way there's just no way you do last two packs I thought the showers get portable I'm gonna be honest i dr. Schatz gonna plump oh I just came to tour these packs cuz I don't want to get I'm not feeling the other car I'm just not come on – two emeralds like nobody wants that man nobody wants that give me something for this that is the incentive this case out and that's not even award told to the sack last Christmas it all comes down to this pack right here it all comes down to this pack right come on out one light equals a prayer


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