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I Love HORROR Movies!

you know when you hang out with your friends and talk about a bunch of things you might talk about movies as well then you ask them what kind of movies they like they usually say comedies or action movies romance maybe science fiction but you don’t get to hear too often is poor and I have a question I just saved a lot of scary movies and there are times when I get these but looks and they think it’s kind of weird long time ago when the movies were all black and white and had no sound even then people were making for entities and other people watch that much and today it’s the scary movies that make the most money among all the other kind of movies while and they’re the ones that make released as well but people demand it probably always well and I don’t know what it is it’s not the core that I mean to is fulfill this care just fans it’s great and if this makes me a psychopath I don’t have my own evil wherever I go to to sharpen my axe among these jars that are filled with body parts okay some people like them some people don’t and that’s okay


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