I Don't Know Vijay Devarakonda: Shahid Kapoor | Kiara Advani About Her Lover | ABN Entertainment

  • Kiara was quite close to punch that cow in the face. Stop touching guests, i know you are enamored but have some restrain.

  • Comments lo anchor anchor antunnaru vallaku leni gudda teeta meku enduku bayya vallu enjoy chestunnaru valla istam madyalo meru evaro just post some positive comments leda chusi vellipondi🤙

  • Name it political or entertainment ABN has mark which is Stupid anchors and anchoring. She is acting too smart and unprofessional.

  • No one can replace Vijay Devarakonda (Arjun Reddy)

    Shahid…..! yes definitely you are gonna spoil the movie.

  • Is she a reporter or a pyscho 😝 this lady should take interview of Salman Khan 😆 then she will never ever behave or overreact this way 😝

  • Siggu undadu ra me media walaki interview lo am matladaru meru title am petaru eni janmalu ethina me buddi kuka thoka wamkara type eeh Chi

  • I really wonder if this women has got any manners !! Bloody Dumbass interviewer doesn’t even know how to behave with celebrities!! 🤬🤬 He is neither your neighbour nor your junior !! He is a Super star. Know how to talk to them !!
    You know what you did ?
    You represented south media, the people of south.
    Make some sense of what you speak , what you do !!!!
    It might leave wrong impression of the media or the people here.
    Bloody dumbass interviewer !!!
    Doesn’t just needed the fluent english or hindi
    Have some decency.

    Not just celebrities but everybody deserves to be treated with well behaviour and well manners ( not by laughing like dumbass , irritatable touchings, cracking non-sensible jokes, over exciting, forcing them etc)

    Being friendly
    Being funny
    Are way away from being irritating !!
    Know the difference lady !!
    Everything will have some limits. Better know it before you appear again on TV

    For God sake – FIRE HER !!!
    Else teach her some manners 😡

  • You anchor bitch, your over anchoring gets bad name to South India … Why u are acting like you are Soo cool and chilled … Show some decency

  • VijayDevarakonda Telyakundanea… Teaser launch lo Neanu Vijay antha la cheyaleanu anadu….
    Bevors channel….
    CBN ODipoyenapudu nuchi am Cheastunado telytleyyy

  • Don't talk about media negatively once u think that media didn't post that I 'I don't knw ' then we won't see shahid what he said on interview That's why they spread news like that coz it's their duty to see all people .finally love u shahid nd kaira beautyful film😊….

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