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Huey – household energy indicator | Curtinnovation Awards 2019

As electricity prices increase, the uptake
of rooftop solar has boomed. Getting the best possible return
on the investment, however, depends on matching the energy
generated with energy consumed. And that requires real-time awareness
of your household energy use. Consumer research shows that dashboards
and apps aren’t user-friendly and, consequently are ignored. This is Huey. An always-on, simple,
intuitive display that provides the information you need to take
control of your energy usage. Developed by the research team behind Josh’s House, a low carbon living laboratory, Huey draws data from the solar system’s
inverter and the home’s smart meter, Displaying it in a way that engages the whole family. The green lights indicate energy generation; the red lights usage;
and the blue lights battery charge. Any changes are shown in real-time,
so you can decide when and how to run power-hungry appliances. Huey’s appearance will evolve
according to consumer preferences. But at its heart is sophisticated coding that allows it to interface with most solar systems, as well as smart home platforms and
electronic personal assistants. Making Huey an indispensable
companion to every solar system installed, now and into the future.

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