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Howard Stern Speaks Out Against Simon Cowell for Gabrielle Union’s ‘AGT’ Exit | THR News

– [Neha] Howard Stern is weighing in on Gabrielle Union and
Julianne Hough’s departure as judges from America’s Got Talent. And the former AGT judge
is blaming none other than creator and judge Simon
Cowell for helping to foster what Stern calls “a boy’s
club” on the NBC series. During a Sirius XM show on Monday, the radio host criticized Cowell’s process of selecting the judging panel saying, “He sets it up that the men stay “no matter how ugly [the men] are, “no matter hold old they are, “no matter how fat they are, “no matter how talentless they are. “He replaces the hot chicks “with hotter chicks and younger chicks.” Stern who served as a judge on AGT for four seasons before
exiting the show in 2015 goes on to question why
the show doesn’t consider replacing fellow judge Howie Mandell who’s the longest serving
judge having joined in 2010 or even replace Cowell himself noting, “This is the ultimate
example of a boy’s club.” After NBC confirmed that Union
and fellow newcomer Hough would not be returning to AGT, a report of toxic culture and even a public outcry sparked by tweets from Union’s husband Dwayne Wade over her dismissal have fueled speculation over the show’s treatment
of people of color. Many on social media have
called to boycott the series. The backlash against the NBC
show continued over the weekend with Time’s Up and other
Hollywood actresses throwing their support behind Union, and SAG-AFTRA confirming on Sunday that it’s now investigating
the star’s departure from the series. Amid the backlash, AGT
producers broke their silence on the controversy over the weekend saying in a statement
that they would be working with Union’s representatives
on the matter, and adding, “We remain committed “to ensuring a respectful workplace “for all employees and take very seriously “any questions about workplace culture.” Prior to Union and Hough joining Season 14 is singer Mel B and model Heidi Klum served as judges with Mandel and Cowell from Season’s 8 through 13. For more on the story, head to, and until next time for The
Hollywood Reporter News, I’m Neha Joy. (whooshing sound)


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