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hey y'all okay so today we are going to show you a great way to recycle or upcycle all of those trophies that you probably have often a box somewhere in the Attic not anywhere your trophies I don't think I have any trophies but thank you for pointing that out I don't think I even have one but you can find trophies just about anywhere they're at junk stores garage sales I mean you can almost always find them at garage sales I've seen many posts of people like literally throwing other trophies away and it really makes me sad because there are so many special memories you've worked hard for that so we're gonna show you several things you can do with these old trophy stoppers so you don't have to toss them we like using them to add on to the tops of jars sounds like a decorative finial there's really not much you need to make this you need your trophies that's the most important ingredient that you need for this you need your jars I really love the jar project everybody needs a drill and you need the right size drill bit for this project it's what you did with the lid you're gonna have to find your Center and drill a hole and then we'll start kind of putting this together so for this one you don't need to clamp it I mean there's some things you might need to clamp because once you start drilling it's gonna spin it I think this one's gonna be fine there we go alright so now that we have our hole we are ready for the most important and most fun part which is picking out which trophy topper you want to use and these are all really fun there's always the mama said knock you out trophy guy he's very cute I do like him uh-huh he's a contender there is chariots of fire this is a Larry Bird era basketball check the socks and the span the length of his shorts indicative of what year this was this kind of stuff right here is like bins of hardware we go to garage sales or estate sales but like this type thing right here would have been behind a knob probably would have been out of the 60s and something like this is perfect for adding like just another little layer to the top of something like this we're gonna put this medallion here it fits perfectly with our hole we just drilled and then y'all this is a really hard step so pay attention you take your trophy topper and you put it in your hole right here and you might have to screw it in there a little bit and then you grab your washer your nut doesn't even require any more tools voila another project you can do with trophies especially the taller ones is make like desert trades or some sort of a tray this one right here is perfect for that these are all just like threaded basically they're on a threaded pop inside a threaded screw and they you can start taking them apart and they come off in layers so you can kind of take off you know what you need to take off to make a stand so for this one though I think if we leave that we'll find the center on this drill a hole there so the thing you need to do about your drill bit you need to make sure that the drill bit is big enough that you can get this piece of the trophy back through the hole if your holes pretty tight you can ream it out when you're drilling a little bit or use some elbow grease like me didn't just shove it in there you're making the businessman dizzy so in here you go you have a finished recycled rehabbed I'm gonna say there's arts and unless you want to put a hole through the center of your cake it would make a great plate for a bundt cake but probably not a regular cupcakes cookies you can paint if you want to I really like it just like this but you have your options you can it would easily be spray-painted so those are pretty easy we're gonna show you one it's even easier now made even better by the fact that it involves one so with this one we did buy these little tapered core and you can just get those at the craft store more online and they actually are easier to work with and the cork that comes in the wine bottle you need an eighth inch drill bit you're going to drill about halfway through I kind of like to water it around just a little dream it out it's a little bit in there the key is you don't wanna go all the way through all right so just add a little bit of glue to your threads when you screw it in it'll spread around all right and that's it and Amy because we're all winners here no this is for you thank you I will cherish it always good

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