How to rig for Trophy Trout – iTrout (Part 3 of 3) – Uncut Angling – January 4, 2013

you Oh black life like Danny whoa he's right he's humming man this is that same one what are you out here I don't know it's your same way bigger it's still taking one I hit him right away with that quick strike and all things new problem all right here we go we got one weird winter all this just went off oh yeah how's this men feel is it another rivet another heavy one yeah it's another perfect for sure oh wow that's appealing run I was talking about right there that's where fishings all about right there this is everything this is why we're staked out on this point here you know eventually huge fish is gonna come along who wouldn't keep stewing as it keeps getting on that yeah I said it's a big big fish like I can't pull it I keep trying to get its head up in the hole and it won't you didn't tighten down your drag it all the way oh no oh no it I don't never do here we go this fish is right here now you can see the waters bobbing up and down you okay actually bit smaller than that last one but I mean awesome fish fight a good fight let me see if I can pop those okay yeah absolutely and that one's okay hmm look at those skilled hands at work here and it's out just like that we got everything all ready to go here we have the tape that we're not going to measure this one it's probably like hey what do you think in like a 34 inch fish or so yeah we want this to show are the minimum amount of time that's a good plan just has tons of energy still goodbye it's going to get this rerigged here these are the Cisco's we're using two of these and that's probably about the smallest one that I'd even use for these trout we're really trying to key in on that big bite as I've said monofilament quick strike rig I got the to number four trebles here and the second one just tied to the bend of the first one so I'm just going to hook this one kind of near the back of the bait hook the other one near the front of the bait and one of the key things here I actually poke them back out again it's very conducive for that hook ripping out of the bait on a hook set you see how quickly those folks both just popped out and that way those folks are going to transfer into the game fish as opposed to staying lock down on this bait here it's easy enough to sink down to the bottom this tip up we're using is an I fish pro tip up and it's kind of a combination of a rod slash tip up whereas you don't actually have a spool of line on this tip up it's just a rod holder but it's got the flag to alert you to a bite it sits over the hole real nice and covers it up so what I've done here is I got a bobber stop on the line and I've got this little clip here that slides onto the line and it's a real simple system it just goes underneath this mechanism I flip the flag down and then I've got my rod in the rod holder here at the bale open when the fish takes the line it just pulls on that clip flag goes up line three spools down big fish is just running running running running around you can take as much line as he wants he's not feeling anything we walk up pick up the rod close the Bale tighten up the slack lean into them and game on hit him hard but I'm in my back I wanna put that back in my time the spirit first maybe this this is moto I pressed you drink a ton of 10-pound power throw in this real I'm back on the bottom or this could be my rubbish nut you want to pack that up I think it's my browser stuff not Maddie's making a pretty big sacrifice here can you touch something yeah are you sure that I'm going especially late ice here you get that ice let's race softer thanks man the home road that looks right and your your line digs into the bottom of the ice there and any note you have bobber stop anything is gonna get caught on the ice there and this fish is getting close now we think it's a good one look at that sacrifice look at the water dripping out of this man's sleeve I don't want to take one for the team here I feel them hitting the ice Manny or maybe that's my swivel boys well there's no bottle we got monel areas oh it's a good one it's a good one here comes his head here comes his head you ready yeah yes gotta love that buddy good job another big trout grab the pliers with prop those hooks out easy here we go all right you can see even with the bait this fish was hooked relatively deeply but with having the pliers ready their menu was able to get those hooks out right away and we're just gonna get him thrown back home yeah right on this fish came out of about 35 feet of water which is a typical occasion some good a lot of people think super deep water and they look for the deepest water in Lake and we've been spending time in 35 25 feet of water exactly 45 of the deepest this fish was like Manny said and about 35 feet of water fishing a real gradual point here to feeding shelf really it's basically a huge feeding shelf a lot of people want those steep drop-offs and everything and you can catch fish on those but what you catch on a bigger spot like this is more fish and bigger fish and that's what we've set ourselves up with to today and maybe we'll get a couple more bites yet but that's uh that's a good way to end if that's how it does end for today and we're donating tomorrow I'm soul food uncut angling is proudly partnered with Alumacraft fishing boats hummingbird electronics Minn Kota trolling motors Shimano reels G Loomis rods Power Pro line you


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