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How to Relieve Asthma | Reflexology

  • I'm sorry, but you can't cure anything by massageing your feet. Its just phycological medicine, thus : the plicbo effect… dumbasses

  • I wanna meet the person who though of foot rubs as an asthma cure, then i wanna meet his drug dealer. jkjkjk

  • Exactly…the only result is maybe smoother skin on your soles….

    Howcast is really going down… :<

  • no offense to the presenter, but do you have documented evidence to prove the efficacy of reflexology? the only thing i can see this curing is a foot cramp.

  • Placebo response is powerful and has to be measured in drug trials, it gets up to 70% of the results of drugs, and in some cases surgery, without the side effects. And since it's part of the clinical trials, there is LOTS of proof of that! Anything that can predictably trigger a healing response is worth having! I know that the Brompton Hospital (cardio/respiratory specialist centre) in London is running clinical trials on reflexology. It will be very interesting to see what the results are.

  • i just tried this when i was experiencing shortness of breathe from asthma and as soon as i did it i felt relief! i could tell i could breathe deeper and actually felt like i could breathw for once! amazing!

  • … this does not help ladies and gentlemen, it is basically the same concept like the paper bag. Can really help panic attacks and really might work for mild asthmatics that might need to relax. For chronic asthma this won't help, so get you pro-air or mess and if so head to the doctor.

  • hey ,if anyone else wants to learn about chronic asthma try Jaffacter Prevent Asthma Coach ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

  • There are several components to treating asthma naturally. One resource I discovered which successfully combines these is the Laken Chest Remedy (google it if you're interested) it's the most incredible plan that I've seen. Check out all the awesome information .

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  • 👌👌🖒🖒👏👏Thanks it's very useful ,my father is asthma patient when he got attack of asthma i do this by Allah's Mercy he feels well

  • I got an asthma attack from laughing way too much from watching some Ellen videos and I don't have an inhaler with me so I tried if this would work and to my surprise I felt somehow relieved. Thanks.

  • Foot acupressure debunks asthma as an insufficiently researched "disease".
    One gets the same powerful relieving effect by lip pressure. Sufficient and natural lip closure pressure, absent in mouth breathing asthmatics, relaxes lung airways by a reflex loop.
    Therefore just pay careful attention to lip closure to heal asthma. Lip pressure is not only needed for love. I cured my allegedly incurable asthma by lip pressing. More pollen in air (July) more lip pressure.

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  • I got rid of my asthma by pressing on the face between my nose and the upper lip. This obviously relaxes the chest airways by acupressure (GV26). Then I trained to breathe in through the nose to get the same effect. Low and behold, the beastly asthma was gone for ever.
    Why should a spray be the only treatment?

  • Asthma is not understood by doctors. They happily prescibe drugs but glibly admit not knowing the root cause and ignore acupressure and other asian methods such as marmayoga. Pressing on the lips relaxes lung airways. Google for

    gv26 important

    I cured my chronic asthma by pressing my lips together as a habit, instead of breathing with my mouth open like an asthmatic. This instinctive approach is thwarted by medical indoctrination.

  • If you know the right Acupressure Points for Asthma and applying techniques, you can treat yourself. Applying Acupressure Points on regular basis gives earlier relief to Asthma:

  • But the most obvious point is gv26 on the upper lip. Pressing here by holding lips together during nose breathing keeps lung airways open and counters asthma. Mouth breathing may well lead to asthma as we all know.

  • The elimination of asthma
    There is a bewildering catch 22 dilemma on asthma treatment with acupressure. The acupoints are not on the face, so the advantage and breakthrough by using lip points like gv26 is excluded for no good reason.
    If pressing lips together on inhaling through the nose could be instructed this would mean a revolution with highly effective breathing retraining also entailing sleeping with nose breathing.

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