How to Obtain Ultimate Gohan (Battle of Gods) Medal: DBZ Dokkan Battle

hey what's going on guys living a chill here bringing you another video I'm Dremel z dokkan battle and tonight I'm a showing you how to get these special awakening medals to dump and awaken the Super Saiyan God Goku so today we're gonna be going to how to get ultimate Gohan medals so pretty simple why don't we get these going in here battle gods and we're gonna go to the strongest fighter Gohan on z hard he's a physical so take physicals with you I'm gonna take an ally Super Saiyan 3 Goku take some healing items just in case alright and off we go always check the map there could be some ultra rare awakening metals laying around like that one that'll be the Gohan metal pick up these if you can well I'm going this route so get the sport item they're gonna be really useful so one two three four five okay I'm gonna skip that boo don't really need to fight them these support items were the special ones from this event so it can be like shoo my or never peel off so the shoe ones really really good so get the shoe ones if you can I mean it's random but still you know what I mean the shoe metals the shoe the shoe well I can't speak goddamn it the shoe support item they give you plus three key to all your characters so I think it's just for the turn but if you need to do an ultimate it's kind of ridiculous just use to when you're pretty much halfway there I don't think stack I think it's stack I still think the best one is probably the fruit from the tree might event which we haven't got yet you should begin it probably by the end of the month and thinking we get that journalist event so I'm expecting the trellis event at the end of the month and also I'm expecting will tournament the second ball tournament on global and that's gonna be on the nineteenth is what I'm estimating I look at my counter to see what days the nineteenth to see them actually makes sense goes dead all right fight Gohan no beer senders ultimate first passed by me needed miss passive his house he gets so strong with his pacifier is a bit a lot eat this fear destruction see that would have dumped triple the damage if he had his passive go off and I got the awakening metal right there and that's gonna be the ultimate Gohan awake in the middle guys that's how you do that so pretty easy simple all that so so again I know I'm cutting the video off I cannot show you my ranking or name or anything some people have been complaining about that don't realize I'm gonna make a video on this I because I'm getting more frustrated people constantly bombarding me with this message your account can get hacked I'm Tony right now dokkan battle global dokkan battle has really shoddy protective systems on your accounts so I gotta hide my account now okay because our admins have been have been hijacked or counts you know we have been dealing with that kind of crap so um you know we can't can't jeopardize our accounts guys so I'm sorry until dokkan battle fixes our shoddy way of people can claim your account I gotta keep my name a secret I gotta keep my rank a secret my dragon sells what I have I came show you my cards anymore I can only do like maybe one at a time a few I can't share what I got so anyways I did get to go on metal so yeah I went from 2 to 5 so I got file off there so you can't get them off there so hopefully that helps you get the ultimate going on metals and come back next time I'm gonna showing you how to get I believe the next one we're doing is Goten and Trunks they're on the same map so yeah next video on that and we'll catch you on the next video bye


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