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it's not so good I'm so excited it is no secret that Kylie Jenner is a huge fan of postmates and one of our go two's is the miso ramen bowl from Joey right that's right yes yes so now we have Chef Matthew Stone now he is here to show us how to make Kylie's favorite ramen I'm so excited because the broth is like my biggest challenge yeah the broth important thanks for having me here this is super exciting yeah we were honored to have Kylie love the the ramen and it's gonna be cool to show you guys today so how do we dig in what is the broth the first day yeah so that really with ramen the most important to kind of parts is noodle this is a local middle from Sun noodle here in Los Angeles okay and then the broth like you said the broth is is one that you know takes a little bit of work but super easy to make actually this is a pork bone broth is the miso already in the broth yeah this was all this was a broth with a spoonful of this miso super super simple see the smoke landing on so the brought the bone broth is done what's the first step when it gets all we're gonna do is we're just gonna heat up our noodles these noodles have been blasted we just cook them in some water yeah I'll get you to stir it up and then this is some vegetables no you can use any vegetables you like this is some cabbage and bean sprouts so what's amazing I love the bean sprout so all you're looking to do is just stir it up heat everything up you know noodles are already cooked so you don't what else would we put in this ramen zones we've got all this burnished now so what we'll do is we'll transfer this into the bowl to cook just to heat it up cuz the you want the vegetables to have a little texture the new razor cooked like I said I just want it to be nice and hot you'll do the dark you guys to splash on it and when you do a noodle like this is it similar to like trying to get out dente with exactly shoe is extremely important with them you really want that nice al dente of that chew okay everybody has their own preferences exactly and that's why I left it like this here for you so you can you can decide so we got some corn here I like the I like spinach I like let's do a little bit goes a long way yes yeah it's a fermented chili so you guys checking on it yeah course we have to add the meat now and then the egg and then nice runny or that runny egg on top we'll put and then do we get in there yeah we do can we just sample yeah all right I would do the chopsticks but I'm worried I'm gonna get some on this stick too if you want to rather brought there's some little ladles over there you can just kind of screw it in actually get the label okay at the brothel I wanna support bras I'm just gonna get opening our town Joey location try this you know okay we're opening our downtown Joey location on 7th and hope and we're gonna be opening on July 31st you check out those locations hey there thanks for watching don't forget to hit that big old red subscribe button below for more great enews content from breaking news stories to a-list celebrity interviews enews on youtube we'll keep you pop culture


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