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How to make Bread in the Oscar Neo

OSCAR MAKES BREAD Vitality 4 life bringing you the Oscar neo The latest and most advanced cold press juicer
for your Raw food kitchen a revelatory machine that not only juices
but makes noodles and baby-foods. But today Oscar makes bread. Let me show you its easy simply prepare the
bread dough and roll into appropriate sizes to fit down the feeding shoot . The Oscar
neo is one of the most modern and durable living food kitchen appliances on the market. Now lets see what attachments you need to
make bread. Using the mincing screen place it ontop the auger, insert the auger into
the drum turning it counter clock wise until until it clicks into place now put the drum-cap
on the end and attach the bread stick nozzle. Now for the fun part simply place the dough
down the feeding shoot whilst the Oscar is self feeding you can help it along with the
tamper. Now look at that beautiful consistency Get creative you can make dinner rolls French
sticks or even pin wheels. But today I’ve decided to make a platted wholemeal loaf . Mmmmm
you cant beat home made bread. Finally pop it on the oven on 200 for 40 mins
the range of nozzles are available are quick and easy to use. By simply changing the end
cap you can create a range of different pastas including noodles
Fettuccine and spaghetti. Now the kids are going to just loooove that !! for more information on Oscar go to
giving you more mother nature.


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