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How to keep Oscars: A few stories and thoughts about Oscars in the hobby on Species Sunday.

tripod baby what up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you on a Sunday it’s specie Sunday
and I’m doing it from the greenhouse and this is video I’ve been wanting to do
for a while and I’m you know I finally got around to organizing my thoughts on
it cuz it’s kind of a sensitive subject sensitive species not so much sensitive
species but something that I don’t know I’m going to talk today about I’m a
butcher the scientific name astronaut US Ocelot us
aka Tiger Oscars okay red tiger Oscars Oscars you get the idea you guys that
have kept big fish it’s a staple in the aquarium hobby Oscars and I want to talk
today about them on today’s species Sunday first it starts with a little bit
of a story action Oscars for me started when I was a kid when I went to like
Meijer just kind of like a Walmart type thing when I was first getting into fish
tank and I remember these tiny little black fish – just like swam up to the
front greeted me and we’re just awesome and they were just like I was like how
could I not get these fish they’re sweet you know people told me they could eat
Guppies dude threw in a couple Guppies I’m hooked
give me some Oscars so like most people I thought all these Oscars are great I
was warned they get bigger um long story short they had like so much personality
I was all over him I own some for awhile I think they ended
up I think I kept him with piranhas and actually got eaten by promise even
though they’re from the same area but anyway um that was my first run-in with
Oscars my boy jolly uh who is getting rid of the 220 which we’ll be talking
about later in this video he had Oscars he had two Oscars that
were given to him like most Oscars are in a 29 gallon and you know they were
tight they were they had to like keep a rock on top of them and they had zero
decorations in the tanks but um you know they fed him he one day they found the
one on the floor he threw it back in and it lived it was fine I mean they’re like
a super super Hardy species um and that’s my boy I don’t like to talk about
species that I don’t keep because I can’t like tell you firsthand but I’ve
kept them so long ago I figure it’s worth talking about the third story
about Oscars is kind of cool my boys ah my boy Spencer and Tucker up in our
college they had a 55 and like most rookies they got enticed by Oscars –
they had a two albino Oscars one had really long
fins I forget what it’s name was there’s another one called the great white hype
because it was an albino Oscars pretty dope named Oscar the Grouch the black
one died I don’t know what happened to him they weren’t my fish but um it was
funny because the hype lived in a 55-gallon tank that actually had plants
and it tried to have plants in it in stock and it was just like mal brine
shrimp like all day long did they defend it like the best food before long that
Oscar was like no joke I mean it was probably I don’t know it was probably
about that big in a 55-gallon tank just terrorizing everything and they finally
said like most fish keepers you know I can’t really keep anything else with
this tank eventually it was going to eat some Buffalo cichlids and that sort of
thing so they had to get rid of the great white hype but I want to tell
those stories just because I think it happens loud people was there they like
won Oscars they see that they’re great so just you know to have that as a
backdrop I want to talk about some of the pros some of the cons and then an
idea for Oscars so some of the pros about Oscars we got here I haven’t seen
the video but I’ve heard and I’d love to hear your comments on it I’ve heard that
Oscars are very very intelligent fish in fact a lot of cichlids are pretty
intelligent and I’d love to hear I’ve heard there’s a YouTube video where it
actually goes and Oscar gets trained to ring a bell for food which is pretty
tight I mean let’s be honest that’s pretty fact their personality you know
you can’t miss it another Pro the personalities are just
awesome I mean you know they swim to the top of the tank they’re like dogs I mean
they’re just like hey you know feed us whatever so I mean you got a love that
with fish you got to have that um you know they got good varieties too um they
have like you know the build real long-finned albino ones like the great
white hype I’ve seen some that are like this really beautiful orange just a
really like gorgeous orange color I’ve seen orange colors with long fins I’ve
seen sweet looking black ones and you know they come there they’re like
obviously readily bred in captivity because you’ve got so many varieties and
so they do come in a lot of cool varieties they also eat fish which to me
is it was cool in your beginner because you’re like alright cool but then when
you get older in the hobby you realize that the more junk and bad stuff your
fish eat the ultimately less healthy they are and I have an entire other
video I could do about like feeder fish and feeder stuff and feeder
because that sort of thing and they’re really just off such bad quality you’re
feeding your fish fish that are raised and just like really poor conditions and
ultimately that that badness you know goes onto your fish anyway so I wouldn’t
recommend feeding live fish just as a general rule in fact just fish the pet
store that closed down didn’t feed live fish and didn’t even like have Peter
Guppies or anything which I thought was pretty dope
so that leading us into the cons of Oscars the biggest con for me they could
like 18 inches long alright so you got a fish that’s this big you got a
fifty-five gallon tank I mean that suckers just barely gonna be able to
turn around I know people do keep Oscars in 55 but I mean they just get so big I
was reading that they grow about an inch a month I can validate that I would
believe I would be comfortable saying an Oscar well fed would grow about an inch
a month they just get big so their appetite they could eat other fish tank
decorations look you’re talking to a dude with planet eggs alright I for me
Oscar’s in a planet tank they just shred them now if someone’s got some
techniques and I don’t want to say that they’ll always destroy a planet tank if
anyone’s like figure out a way to keep Oscar’s with plants I’d love to hear
about it because they are kind of a cool fish but personally I don’t think it’s
easily done yeah I’m trying to think of a way you could do it it would have to
be like pots or something with some real heavy rocks but even then they probably
just play around and I think actually their brains probably place that because
I think they would Mike like they might get bored
that’s another another topic but like have your fish have something to do
Oscar’s I believe would get bored I don’t again I haven’t kept them in a
very very very long time so I love your opinions on them but yeah I think they
get bored and their intelligence kind of like works against them
and far as keeping a cool aquascape so you know it concluded for me with Oscars
they are not a beginner they definitely go the devil don’t go with plants
they’re not a beginner fish they kind of are like packaged in the Hobby as a
beginner fish because they’re easy they grow fast and everything but ultimately
you end up with the fish that’s this big that ends up getting returned to a pet
store or just neglected or something bad happens so I do not advise buying Oscars
unless you have a massive tank and you understand what you’re getting into
because I just think it’s not fair that someone sees a two inch fish for five
bucks they buy it they power feed it it gets huge and they return it to the pet
store well I mean not too many people have a tank able to keep the
that being said I do like the personality of Oscars and I’m doing this
video in the greenhouse just as an idea to throw out of y’all here’s what I’m
thinking check it a lot of people been talking
about aquaponics what if your man dusty here had a big old tank full of Oscars
by the way that I was reading and I haven’t kept them they say to keep them
in like schools greater than six if anyone has any experience with oscar
schools let me know but what I was thinking isn’t others like let you
imagine it here is a big old tank probably 500 gallons with six Oscars
it’s just a pig tank I mean just like you know the pig I’ll walk up to it
they’re swimming there they’re happy blah blah what’s up Dustin and then
above it aquaponics hydroponic type setup so I could like pump the dirty
poop water into a tank that would ultimately feed those fish a lot of
people been talking about coupon it’s been blowing my mind like I totally want
to mess with it but it’s just one of those one of the fifty-eighth projects
that I’ve got brewing in my head for this little greenhouse here but that’d
be tight though having some Oscars I don’t know how to keep the water
temperature warm they say that it’s kind of like fatal if they get around 55
degrees I’d recommend feeding Oscars if you are
going to feed them feed them some like good pellets or what have you
and just you know get them real healthy but again you’re dealing with such big
fish I don’t recommend it and then a little housekeeping notes for all you
cichlid lovers go to a CA what is it a CA 2012 in decom for more information on
the American stick of Association this is where I got that crazy epistle and
those crazy rainbows it’s not just cichlids you’ll have all kinds of crazy
fish there go support the Hobby it’s in Indianapolis imma be there we’ll say
what’s up it’s on July 11th through the 15th and Indianapolis so you’re
definitely going to want to check that out all you sick the lowers nonstick and
lovers go there it’s hoppy people you’ll have a good time and that’s what’s up so
species Sunday folks Oscar’s in your face in your grill loving it later

  • Hey dustin! i have 3 oscars right now 2 tiger oscars 1 stripped orange the other a solid orange, & a white oscari had the oscars for 2 mounths now, they have all grown 2 inches or more now but sadly i have to get rid of them due to im going on vacation for 3 weeks and i have no1 to take care of them.
    anyways thank you dustin!

  • I love your insight Dustin: "they might get bored in an aquarium and have their intelligence work against them." I'm not a biologist but I suspect this is true.

    I transferred my pair into a pond where they behaved like a typical predators patrolling the surroundings like big cats. When they came to areas that shelter small fish – water hyacinth bunches, the shoreline, etc – they became stalkers and worked as a team. After watching this I couldn't return them to the aquarium. It seemed cruel.

  • they get kinda big, about the size of oscars. vegetarians, and you need like 4 of them to put in one tank.

  • Do the idea. they will produce a massive bioload that would keep plants growing like crazy. ….. and the truth is , Oscars are no where near a beginners fish, you are right about that one. Nice vid overall! 😉

  • wanting to get a oscars like xmas morning to put in my 125 but then i was thinking like you said they get old and then they get big should i go with a cichlid tank or some thing like a all fresh water shark tank was my next big idea …. dont know what would be best

  • Sry to blow up your page, But you should do the PACU!! I had one for 2 months total, When i first got him, he was an inch. When i gave him away 2 months later, he was bigger than the oscar.. "the oscar bullied him" lol

  • i saw at a vietnamese resturant people kep oscar with sliver perch. Yes thats right the sliver perch you eat. lol that was 4 years ago but i still remember the kool story manager told me about them

  • I wanted to feed my garter snake live guppys so I bred them for feeders. Fed them only high quality food so they were much better than the pet store feeders.

  • you should get an external heater, its alot more than a normal heater but it could maintain the temperater of your tank even if its below freezing outside

  • I totally agree with everything you said. Oscars are presented to the novice aquarium owner as good beginner fish. They are hearty but need space to swim. I had 3 in my 55 gallon before it busted, they had already reached to about 6-7 inches from when I got them as babies. Great video man!

  • Oscars are such amazing fish I have had one for about a year and they are like you said such personal fish.Everytime u go near the tank they will follow you around mooching for food.After u do a water change and rearage your tank they sit and pout in they corner for a while then after that they take it upon them selves to rearange the tank to there liking.I have also seen people keeping oscars in planted tankes.I think it depends on oscars individual personality so some might work some might not

  • if your going to do that in a green house i wouldn't use those fish. i would use fish that you would get in a lake that can take cold water. i know this is a little late but thats my two cents about that. other wise you would have to put in a heater but that still wouldn't be a bad idea for the plants roots.

  • Hey Dustin
    I got a pair of Oscars maybe 15 inch in a 850 Liter tank … must be something to 230+gallon… the 55 or 75 gallon tank you talk about most people keep Oscars in in under my working as a gaint sump filter…

    to plants its up to the fishs habits… my pair is very gentle and they let most plants alone like Vallisneria americana,Crinum thaianum or Taxiphyllum barbieri but the rest like giant anubias are food for the

  • This video is real cool my first fish was a tiger oscar that we had in our house when i was kid and we moved when i was 14 we moved and i took the 120 gallon aquarium in my room and it had a tiger oscar that was around 9 years old and i wanted to fix up the tank because all that it had was a rock and a gravel bottom as decor so i bought plants and i found out the hard way that they dont like plants. Sadly it got a bad case of ich that took one of his eyes before i got it under control but now

  • Hes thriving in my tank i added a large piece of driftwood and i eventually got some more fish that could live with a one eye 14 inch oscar. Now after 2 years hes still throving but my other fish only have java ferns and anubias for plants in the aquarium but i dont want to leave my oscar so i am just gonna keep him until he passes. Hes 11 years old and hes been through some tough times so he is a special fish for me

  • My x boyfriend had Oscars back in the nineties that ate cold cuts. I personally myself today do not keep Oscars. I prefer a schooling fish with plants.

  • I think the Oscar tank would be really cool, some advice on oscars. Putting a Oscar with another Oscar of the same size can work, but it has to be a large tank. One thing that sucks about oscars is if you have a large Oscar and put small ones In the same tank the big Oscar will actually die because of the stress from the baby oscars. It has happened to me! But other wise then that oscars are a cool beginner fish for people getting into the aquarium hobbies. That was my first ever tropical fish an he got over a foot long! But It would be sick too see a tank like that with oscars in it!!

  • To keep plants with oscars I first put some plants that flout and he ate it then in a mouth or two after I regrew the plants I put them back in and he dident eat them so I was happy but I also have a spotted puffer fish then he started messing with them but it's ok cuz he does not do much damage also can u make a video on breeding oscars I want to try but I don't now how

  • I got two and they are awesome fish, had em in both my planted tank and 75. Now they just have swords in the tank but they don't destroy anything from what I notice.. Check out my vids to see them, let me know what u think of em!

  • I would really like for you to do a show on Betta,  talk about personality !
    They are such cool fish. I keep mine in a planted tank and enjoy him so much. 
    I wish people took them more seriously and I think you could help the Betta fish by talking about them and giving them the respect they deserve.

  • I have a tiger Oscar, Jack Dempsey, and 5 spotted pictus cats in a 125. He is a puppy dog in a fish tank. Heavy rocks so be can't move them. He pushes the lighter wood pieces around. I've started planting java moss throughout the tank and it doesn't bother him. Planting a tank with Oscars is a little tricky. There places of the tank he will push plants around. And other places he leaves alone. I've tied java fern to branches. He leaves that alone. And anubus as well. You really have to think one step in front of him. Smaller nite delicate plants like cripts are ok if placed strategically. But beware. Oscars love to dig.

  • I have a tiger Oscar and koi together and they do well. I've had problems with koi eating plants up. But that's cause the eat plants. I've recently bought a few more plants and neither koi or Oscar mess with the plants.. I think Oscars do fine if you start them out early with plants. I feed him cichlid pellets.

  • I love my 2 oscars. They are just like dogs. You will love and hate them. They will eat anything and move all your decor. But they are such cool fish

  • So true. One thing I would say is that their personality is what determines if plants are an option. My big tiger never would allow any to exist and delighted in ripping them up to carry around the tank, but the female wouldn't care. Java fern and jungle val were generally ignored in my 125 for a long time. You sort of have to let them decide the scape then plant accordingly otherwise they will rearrange the plants however they want.

  • please get oscars there are not any oscar tank set up videos and I want to see how you would aqua scape it and how many fish you would put in it also I really want to see an end result

  • oscars are actually a possible food fish, so if you get a shit ton, they could potentially grow faster than tilapia

  • Only have one oscar that wants to eat everything, every fish. He digs like a gopher on crack.. I do have both sunken and floating plastic balls that he likes to knock around…

  • the tank I have is great I have (currently)
    1:female red Oscar
    1:male gold Oscar
    the two are a mated pair full grown
    6 :Filament barbs
    9 :emerald Cory
    1 :L-235
    1 :Bolivian rams
    and a colony of ghost shrimp. the tank has been up for a few years and has plants no one bothers anyone.

  • I have been doing a bunch of Facebook LIVE as
    it fits my quick style – Click here to follow me on Facebook:
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  • In a 55 I had 2 Oscars, 2 Tinfoil Barbs and 2 Silver Dollars. They all started small, about an inch or so. 8 months later the Oscars were about 6 -7 inches the Tinfoil Barbs about 8 and the Silver Dollars about 5. The Oscars decided to start killing off their tank mates about one a week. When the Oscars were about a year old they were about 8 inches and the tank was too small for them so I sold them to a pet shop.

  • Hello! I was just wondering what kind of filter you would recommend using when keeping an oscar? Currently have a 100 gallon with 1 pleco (17")and 1 oscar (11"), using a fluval 403 and a Marineland Emperor 400. i do 25% or more water changes every 1to 2 wks. i just have an issue keeping it "crystal clear". Thanks in advance!

  • i kept 2 Oscars for 2 years back when i was 12. They got pretty large in my 80 gallon tank. my oscars would push sand around and would move the decorations.

  • my oscar head butts the tank when my cockerspaniels get too close to her tank..alsi she bumps a pingpong ball around her tank

  • ive kept oscars all my life. love them. very intelligent especially when it comes to recognizing their owner

  • My Oscars are super friendly they are like little doggies. They know me and are great to have around. They love crayfish and frozen krill and shrimp. I have 6 in a 125 tall. No plants they destroy them. Decor gets rearranged daily. Ping pong balls keep them entertained. Super hardy.

  • Here is a link to an OSCARS Playlist, Including me CATCHING OSCARS IN THE WILD:

  • This is a dinosaur of a old video but anyone know anything about pink oscars? I never seen one before. When the pink started to show on mine I thought I was going to end up with a super red, albino red, chili red. What ever name you know. Some orang did develop but it's around the jaws. On the sides where a super red is red or orange this one stayed pink.
    I did find some info on line before. But I can't find anything on YouTube now. So I think I'll get a blue light for the tank and try to film him. I know blue light. But every time I try white he freaks out. His sibling will to but is ok with blue. But he is just a albino tiger. Beautiful fish but more well known then a pink one at lest for me.

  • I can verify that Oscars do get bored, particularly when they are big and in smaller tanks. A lot of "aggressive" Oscars are just bored Oscars going after other fish for entertainment.

  • I know it's an old video but I just stumbled across it. Just wondering if you ever tried the oscarponics. I have been keeping Oscars and tilapia together in my aquaponic system for a couple of years.

  • Bring back the aquaponics idea with Oscars in this video! That would be cool! I definitely think something like that could catch on and help out a lot of big Oscars! #Oscarponics

  • fish in general I think can get board if they have nothing to do . I always ad enrichment like zuccini on a fork ect

  • Just saw this great video on Oscars. They are very intelligent! They get bored quickly… they constantly learn… I have 4 In a 75 gal Oceanic tank. I'm looking to get them in a 120 gal soon…. growing like crazy… 1 Tiger… Largest 1 Red I think… keeps changing colors from grey to like a dark marine green and also to a light red… color depicts there moods… I've noticed this with my Albino Tiger Oscars… they change colors often also… they also change during feeding and after feeding… They are picky eaters and very social in my tank…. well with other Oscars… and with non potential meals….lol… They have learned to let my Placo's go over them gently sometimes for a slight cleaning… interesting to watch… Thanks…hope others respond to this… or [email protected] Thanks!

  • I love how my Oscars beg me for food and I always have to feed them. My turtles beg me for food too! I can’t say no to them. They’re too cute.

  • Quick question… my Oscar ( his name is swim shady) bites my finger when I put it in the tank what does that mean and how can I train him not to?

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  • I have two Oscars that are about a year to a year and a half old and when I hear 18 inches I take that as a challenge😂💯 I’ll grow mine as big as a wolf Cichlid💯💯💯💯💯💯


  • When I was little my mom had a friend who lived in the mountains and had a big house (or it seemed big to me, but I was like 3) and she had a mated pair of oscars in a large tank, and she fed them steak (beef heart). I recall the tank being a very long tank with an open top and no light, it was probably 100 gallons or more. She let me feed them some cichlid pellets but warned me not to put my fingers in the water. I, being 3, put my finger near the water and this foot-long fish started eyeballing like it was going to jump and grab it. He would have too. At the time I thought they were kind of scary mean fish and I still think that but I realize they have personalities like a dog or cat, so I understand why people get them.

  • Dustin…. What other foods do you recommend if u don't recommend feeder fish….i feed my Oscar cichlid Hikari cichlid gold but I want mix his diet up a little

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