saranghae Omaha kita for heating da door before hits or obviously everyone's looking at me again because I'm being you know and be myself I think I'm here I can feel the can Daniel power and spirit wait I'm getting nervous I don't know why I'm breaking a sweat this is the universe telling me that I should work out okay I hear you and now see arching the deal this is Korean Kim and thank you guys for joining me again today we are in Seoul right now with my green hair and we are doing another kpop entertainment how to go to tour and I am here in front of the absalom station exit number 3 and guess where I'm going right now I'm going to the connect entertainment building well it's not the building of connect entertainment but it's a building where connect entertainment is and yes some of you may know connect entertainment is the entertainment company that was founded by current I know and so this is a very important thing for me right now so yeah let's go so the person that we have to do this is based on like all the Google things that I have just checked because as you may know not a lot of people have been here because the new and company so come out of oxygen station exit number three and then just walk forward so this is what I'm doing right now and walking forward and kind of like my carry is not cooperating today just go like move forward and forward and forward and forward see the cgb and McDonald's after McDonald's we turned left okay so how do we know we're doing okay with our life we could see a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to our right as well as Olive young so you just keep on going forward now once you have turned left from McDonald's you have to turn left at the first corner that you will see and this is exactly what I'm doing which is like in front of this one then you just turn that from there all right now the thing that you're gonna see is this one see you finding your sword then you have to turn you're right it's drawn from there obviously everyone's looking at me again because I'm being you know I mean myself don't let anybody tell you you know that you should be someone that you're not because life will only be good to you if you stick to who you're supposed to be so I turned right at see you I don't know if what I'm doing is correct by the way I'm just walking forward from there as you can see left is not my angle and I'm bloated because I have ministration so yes it could also be that I also gained weight that's why I'm bloated but hey I'm here I can feel the come Daniel Fowler and spirit wait I'm getting nervous I don't know why alright so moving forward you will come across this gs25 and the thing is you have to just go straight you would see see you and then you would see gs-15 and know that you are still on hundred this is like a residential slash commercial area but I mean I'm supposed to see a kind of park or a deli and hopefully I would yet soon okay I see on OST flowers in front of me apparently I have to go further so again just to recap you go out of app codes on exit number three turn left at McDonald's and then turn left you'll see see you then turn right and then you go straight and then you will see gs25 didn't just go straight and then you will see the flower shop some really nice and expensive houses and I have a pin here I'm breaking a sweat this is the universe telling me that I should work out okay I hear you to your left you will see a church further forward just keep on going forward good thing Korea is not a tropical country like my country otherwise I would not even be doing this I see the park I see the park I remember this part like in the Google Maps so I'm supposed to see this Park I don't know what part it's called but maybe in mosque in young or boxy home I'm just kidding I'm being corny right now because I think I see it oh my god yes we have found it my sisters and brothers in Kang Daniel life this is the building of connect entertainment and just right across it there's actually a see you so that you can see him char's oh my god I can't believe I am right here standing in front of CEO Kang's building but I mean like this is like I'm for a dream come true for him and for me as well you know what Jimmy's family's home is actually near YMCA entertainment and we used to I used to just like passed by ymc a lot when they were still with the company so it's so nice to finally see him on his own succeed and live his best life this is it should I like just hang out there's a there's a bomb and the lights are on and I have a strong feeling it's I own a gun but I'm just gonna make me chill and hopefully I don't get arrested I mean you know at the end of the day even if you don't see come see do here you can always like drop by the really nice part over here and just find out what like you know a crazy saucing but just in some books like what Godzilla is doing you know to sit down and enjoy the trees I guess I was hoping that I would see some fans outside but it's okay you know we can't have everything but also I was hoping to see Kanye but I guess you know not now not when I'm looking like this so anyway guys I hope that this video somehow helped you if you want to drop by the connect entertainments building I don't know if you guys would see CEO Kang if and when you come here but at least you know like just us supporting him and sending our love really still rooting for him even when he's on his own is I think such a big deal and I really hope that you know really would do well on his own and I don't know why I'm so nervous but I guess this is what you call true love there are no fans outside because I mean I don't think people know how to get here yet but yeah if you guys enjoyed this video I hope that you guys would check out my other videos and please like comment and subscribe and hit the notification button and of course add me on Facebook Instagram and Twitter and I'll see you guys around


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