How to get the seashell trophy in bloxburg 🌊 πŸ† (first video)

hi everyone and welcome to my first video on my channel so today I'm okay I think that's good is it yeah yes yeah yeah just change my back and stop you see this corner right there so you just one up wait here so he's gonna wait here it would take some time to spawn but yeah and I have already got in mind so I'm not sure if the respawn for me cuz I already got it I wish I could show you and yeah like when I'm getting that but I had it and I really am sorry and yeah let's see if the spawns for me and my not spawns for me cuz I already got it and I'm not sure but yeah but anyway we could just do it you know and when it spawns of it I respond so um have like things that said you take so just want to press E and just take it and yeah if you're wondering where you can find the seashell trophy you just go to the mall and go to individuals and you will probably see it right there but yeah I mean just show you guys again where the spot is if you just um if you get confused cuz at the first time when I was getting that I can get really confused but yeah like really tell me who's not just confused but yeah so let's go back to the lumberjack beside the limo driver yes and sorry few here backhoe noises here we are and you just wanna keep coming and just fall the corner I guess yeah just follow the corner that's the easiest way of so you see my hand yeah so just follow the corner I'll show you guys again cuz I can I messed it up I'm really sorry but yeah sort of see this stop basically he yeah is this funny but you had to wait for a long long time yeah it took me time to get it cuz I've gotta wait yeah I just wait if it doesn't is fun for me that probably just means I thought it already but it's totally fun um hope it's fine but yeah so you just gotta wait here and then you will probably get it and yeah okay I just wait oh there is spawns so here it is as you can see it finally spawned like you could just take a look at it and just press me to take it I mean crazy take it and yeah so you got this giant seashell helpful okay yeah and then it's gone because you have you tucked it already seeds gone but yeah and then you just basically go to book more go to the side like over here I show you okay if I can but I don't think I can go to UM the corner and you'll see a more toy and clip in your drawing and then you get the seashell just to show we'll be right there and yeah that is a special item so that's lights in inventory but not in other places I guess I don't know I gotta check it out okay okay we're gonna go home now but yeah I'll see you back home buddy okay guys now I'm back home and yeah I hope you guys like this video and this is my first video so I hope you guys sure to LIKE and subscribe and yeah and I gotta say goodbye I hope you guys enjoy this was a short video short I guess but yeah bye bye


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