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our final contestant Monica is ready to wrap this competition up backstage at Frankie's bikinis where some of the most playful looks came to life hey guys I'm backstage at Frankie's bikini I am at my last and final challenge you already know the drill my mother come inside we are here with the ever so talented Frankie from Frankie's bikini what was inspiration for this collection this collections inspiration was from Woodstock I have this book that's just all about Woodstock and 60s psychedelic I love me the 60s oh my goodness okay I must say you are an inspiration you started as a teenager do you feel like your style has matured over the years definitely I think my style evolved with the brand right now I figured that I'm most comfortable in something that's simple and sexy but also something unique and that you're not gonna see every other girl wearing what I do love about your collection is that it's very risky and I'm such a risk-taker so I have to give you kudos on that Frankie thank you so much for your time all right Tyler so I'm so excited to be here tell me a little bit about the looks you doing on the models today so we're doing this voluminous beach wave and it was kind of inspired by this like playful kind of California summer of love vibe we actually don't use any curling irons at all it's all these like little fun braids it's like a rope braid that we twist up into a bun and then just to refine the wave a little bit we just run over it super fast to the platter okay Tyler break it down for me you have any tips and tricks to keep this hair maintained in this humidity here in Miami my number one tip or product for that matter is the Tresemme climate protection hairspray because the walks out all of that frizz and holds your waves perfectly thank you so much Tyler all right all right guys that's a wrap I'm super excited to see who goes to New York fingers crossed for the latest stories be sure to visit be online and download the e online app I actually had a question about the packages yes you're so cute you're still cute it's a lot of makeup yes it's Taylor Swift giving away her awards to her squad this is so true


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