hey guys welcome back to my channel today Lisa Dean we are playing some more class rial on my iPad ladies and gentlemen do you guys love iPads cuz you know what they're actually not too bad but you know what's the best about these like metal computer chip put together things they have games on them and I love video games and I think you do as well otherwise you would probably not be watching this and if you love games and you're watching this then what the hell are you doing here meant like what's wrong with you you do not like games you don't even like board games or like real-life games like hide and seek and in a forest sounds kind of creepy actually anyways ladies and gentlemen I've been playing this game quite a lot and as you guys can see I am actually nearing 2000 throphies oh my goodness I've been working on this for weeks now I think the last 40 I made of this game have had about 1800 throphies now Santa actually uses my iPad as well this is a primarily Santa's account and set actually managed to get 1999 throphies now I know that might not be like a lot but to me it's a lot I rat as you guys can see I could open my clan chest let's open that up Oh your reward one epic and sixteen rares I'm gonna open it up oh I rap a thousand gold that's not too bad that's actually a lot of gold Samara cards mortar cards I've actually never used the mortar before some elite barbarian cards also I've never used those before but sweet I guess minion horde cards the third is rare card and a new one oh no not a new one just just an epic poison not the best chest I've ever opened I don't think I'm gonna use any of that we've got another free chest over here let's see what we got some gold an inferno tower royal giant and that's pretty much it you got another free chest oh my get this gold hogrider goblins and that's that's it let's battle like I said guys we're gonna try to get that 2000 throw free mark we should gain a new achievement what are these cards I've never used them before I accidentally started with Santa's deck literally this thing I've never used that before I like my own thing my own deck all right the Dark Prince oh my goodness you must be very good all the princes are attacking each other it looks like mine's winning a lot never mind never never mind all right wizard incoming and lava hound is distracting the the field not really the lava hounds not doing anything that's that's just such a waste my mini lava hounds my wizard and my goblins are on its way to attack the tower look at that look at that I got the first Tower baby that's how easy it is in the game guys that's how easy it is in this game you just need to make sure that you can distract him so he has to spend a lot of points trying to defend themself when it's already too late I love it it's great all right we're gonna move on with some barbarians I feel like that's the right way to do it oh he's putting the prince down we're gonna make sure he can not pass me with the prince oh my god rest skeletons alright minions versus Prince rest in peace Prince I guess we're gonna continue with our Dark Prince maybe he can take out the main tower he's a little slow though and he doesn't have a lot of health he had a shield I didn't know dark the Dark Prince has a shield I didn't know that see I've never used them before I guess Santa got him out of like a rare a rare card or something or maybe he's not even rare seriously guys I have no idea I'm a little bit of a noob at this game okay I've read the comments guys and I know I'm not the best of this game but I think it's fun to watch my previous clash royale videos and then like continue to watch them on and on what I mean is like you start from episode 1 and then you go to the next one to the next one and eventually end up at this episode I guess and you can definitely see that I have been improving a lot so give me maybe another couple of weeks and I will be destroying you in whatever arena you are like arena 12 I'll come for you alright I'm gonna kill you I'm gonna get you you see this knife over here there's no knife I'm left stab it into you that's that's that's actually kind of weird man I'm not gonna do that that was maybe just a little bit too brutal all right my lava hound is getting attacked by that annoying freakin dragon at the meantime we can actually use her Goblin because the towers are being distracted that's no big deal Oh actually he put down a skeleton army took down my goblins that was bad all right he's going for my other Tower because we're actually we're actually drawing up right now it's sudden death which means I'm going for his Tower on the left side all right he's going for the tower as well the one which I'm going on his side oh my god I just lost a lot of health we need to make sure that we don't lose that Tower guys we need to make sure that we do not lose that Tower that could be the end of it and that we need to work harder to get those 2,000 throw Peas oh my god oh my god oh my god I don't know what to do Dark Prince is that a smart move I don't really feel like it all right wizard versus Prince with a minion horde we're going in with the Goblin barrel I hope he doesn't have a skeleton army please don't have a skeleton army man please do not have a skeleton er he puts down the skeleton army I did some damage though not too much this this is not going great I think the timer's gonna run out before before I managed to get some oh there we go he's a little better than me man he was a little better than me see the issue was I never used that deck before we're still at 1999 throphies am I going to be able to a legit get those 2000 trophies in this in this video that needs to be possible right I just need to win one battle but if I lose one it's gonna be a little harder alright we're going back to my deck deck number three this is the one I made last time I replaced my lava hound with this thing The Golem he's a little bit more expensive but instead of the lava hound who is just specifically like flying right it's in the air this one's axial on the ground and the tactic I use if you don't know is I use the lava hound to distract my hot-air balloon which is this one I have a balloon pretty much gets a free pass and then destroys the enemy the only issue with having a lot and be the distraction is that both the lava hound and the hot-air balloon are like air troops so if the enemy is defending itself against the lava hound he needs to have some kind of card to attack my lava hound which is flying in the air if my lava hound dies it's then able to get my hot air balloon but the difference with the Golem is even though it's a little more expensive if you killed the golem you need to put a new card down before you can actually take down my hot air balloon so it gives me a little more time and I'm not sure if it's worth that extra elixir but I guess it is and that's why ladies and gentlemen we're gonna battle again with my favorite deck arena 7 baby still in arena 7 am I gonna am I gonna go to a arena 8 after this I don't know all right so we got the hot-air balloon cart and we have the golem we're gonna immediately put the golem down because we're going for the hot air balloon strategy immediately you might have a little issue though he has a wizard coming this way which is frustrating because the wizard can actually attack both at the same time there we go hot air balloon we're gonna save up real quick and minions minions are gonna attack the wizard make sure he doesn't do too much damage see the hot air balloon is still not being attacked but the dragon has explosives which means it's more likely that my hot air balloon will also get some damage there we go gallops the gun has split apart my auto fluid is dropping a bomb first hour down still got too many golems so it's great oh goodness I love this see that's how easy it is to just get one tower immediately in like the first 20 seconds of birth body sex wet yeah alright moving on with some lightning there we go skeleton is almost dead just gonna distract the skeleton and I guess the wizard will be distracted as well and then we're gonna attack the wizard with I don't really have a good car to attack the wizard the only thing I can do is put the skeleton army down so I guess we're gonna have to do a little bit of damage that was not really that well I mean the arrows do just this tiny damage as the skeleton army so whatever we actually already lost our almost lost our first hour we didn't lose it yet we almost lost it kind of sucks because we had a great start we had a really really good start and this is an issue this is an issue I don't have a way to defend myself there we go okay first tower down see this is the only issue of having a golem it takes up space or the golem and the hot air baloon strategy it takes up space for any other cards that could defend myself and if I don't have a way to defend myself I'm easily gonna lose this game all right we got double at leaks there we're gonna start again with the same strategy but this time ladies were going the other way all right hot-air balloons down there we go how I ever loon ant the Gulman artists wait I'm pretty sure that they're just as slow as each other the higher there might be a little bit faster we lost your main tower I need to defend myself eros no no I can't lose this caliber now we go I'm back to 1973 Thrones God I wanted to get that 2000 mark man I needed it upgrade the minions you guys sucked we're gonna have to replace something here guys the Lightning I'm not very happy with it and it cost six it's not worth it maybe we should replace this with something possibly the goblins and you replace it with the goblins we're gonna replace the golem with my lab around again feel like it's still a little easier I don't know it made sense in my head but I don't know I just don't know if it actually makes sense in the game all right change the deck a little bit let's see can we can we get those Thrones back I think we shall gasps all right he is level eight which means I huh I probably have a little bit worse cars than him but I should be fine I should be able to win this I'm going again with the lava hound strategy Donny fire thirteen baby this guy right he's saving up big time all right he's going with the witch which means he's going to be able to do some area damage that's not great I can't do anything about that I'm gonna with the goblin goblin barrel against the witch the goblins cannot be attacked at this moment oh my god there we go balloon lava hounds dead balloons doing some damage first tower almost dead almost dead let's throw some arrows over there come on like I said guys almost almost in all right we'll have that in no time don't worry about it see this strategy I have really does work but the issue is defending yourself I mean you have so many attack cards now but it's a lot harder to defend yourself which really just sucks you know it's easier to get a throne but it's also easier to lose one all right here we go goblins just gonna distract this witch uh-oh there we go she's dead all right my hot-air balloon didn't do anything there I'm gonna shoot some arrows that way there you go I don't know what the plan is here we've almost lost one tower or well it's pretty much taught health right now I think I shall focus for the main tower still I need to do that I mean I can win without it but it's not worth it it's not worth it guys all right we just lost one tower the skeleton army got me man the skeleton army got me and one second we're gonna get double elixir and we're going with the hot balloon with lava hounds strategy all right here we go a lava in its way got our skeleton army over there and Armenians alright our lava hound is making grounds still not being attacked because he is still focusing on the attack and this is when I can't my distraction we got put my hot air balloon down he's gonna try and defend himself I'm gonna use my goblins to get this is this castle from the back there we go gonna attack the which the witch got me with Sumeria damage the witch got me with area damage that sucks gonna use my musketeer to take down that witch though Oh many levels doing major damage to his main tower doing quite alright doing quite alright a thing I can do this if I try one more time all right 10 more seconds alright he's going from my main tower but it doesn't matter because I just won baby yes 29 Thrones that should get my mm mm oh yeah there we go guys if you get the main tower you get three Crone's and that mate we get two mm I was sick guys wow I really enjoyed that alright arena 7 mm plus Thrones I guess I maybe I guess I guess Santa was already mm plus at once but she might have lost a couple battles because I apparently was already in area 7 I did I didn't even know that I guess I was I guess I leveled up already all right now we need to save up for 2300 Thrones Wow how many freaking arenas do you have 6400 is the ultimate champion Wow all right we got a crowd chest let's see what we got gold gems the Royal giant card elite barbarians see that's why I didn't see these things before remember at the beginning of the video I was like what are these things it's because we unlocked more cards because apparently Santa already entered arena seven I did not know this sad house my girlfriend for those of you who don't know alright alright gonna do another battle gonna go with the same strategy the hot-air balloons coming up next I don't know why guys but I always prefer attacking on the right side something in that I like I guess it's uh it's it's something it just feels more right than the left side I always like go on the right side alright he's putting his prince down which is great because those things are freakin expensive but he can't not defend himself I can't either because I spend everything on those freaking freaking the hot-air balloon laughs around it stings but it doesn't matter it doesn't matter because I think I'll be able to do a lot of damage with my lava hound bomb there we go come on mini lava hounds incoming a thousand he got my main tower with one prince and I had to spend a lab around a hot air balloon and other stuff on that dang it alright he already adds one of my towers with just one Prince because I wasn't able to attack my or defend myself I was quite dumb but I still got him I still got him easy alright we're going with the Tom stone just gonna distract that little thing over there oh yeah those smart alright arrows in come in there we go what's that thing what is that I've never seen known before she's annoying actually she is alright I guess we're gonna switch Tower now I guess this guy is really good I don't think it's worth it to go for his main tower we'd have to really defend skeleton army against wizard it's the only thing I could do it's the worst thing in the world but it's the only thing I could do guys oh my god he he almost has my second tower it's going with the same strategy again I'm going Tom stone alright he's coming with that fast thing over there at the same time while he's saved up for that with my balloon baby come on come on come on balloon do like at least pulp with damage HOF tower damage come on oh here we go 700 700 400 goblins incoming wizard and coming from him 300 damage 160 dare we go man there we go that was pretty pretty impressive alright wizard against minions okay alright he has one of my towers oh I just lost my second tower at the same time I'm gonna make sure I get his tower there we go come on skeletons come on all right Goblin barrel going this way for his tower now it's a draw now it's the dry managed to get a pretty decent comeback I need to make sure it's a wizard doesn't attack me there we go wizards dead ten more seconds it's gonna be a draw what we're gonna do guys is defend because he's really really really good sudden death all right here we go come on come on you can do it whatever that is I don't even know oh it's the golem he's a golem he's putting the Golem down don't worry about it don't worry about it I got my lava hound I got a lava hound I'm putting a Tom stone down it's gonna do oh it's gonna distract him oh there he goes golem didn't do any damage to my main tower which is great and my lava hound is attacking him and distracting him he doesn't know if my lab a hound dies he's gonna die oh my god he did so much more damage than I actually did Jesus that sucked all right skeleton now me really bad idea no I didn't seize Prince I heard it though no no no no no bumps come on drop those bombs come on come on come on I was so close one more bomb for my skeleton or if my musketeer would have shot him a couple more times I would have been able to win that one I didn't lose any Thrones so thankfully I'm still in 2,000 plus but this is hard man this is really really hard I actually just noticed I'm level up soon can I like spend some coins to level up how much xp do I get fifty and I still need oh that's good all right if I upgrade this I'm gonna level up too late let's just upgrade something something random that's a mm all right mm here we go I don't need that skeleton thing though but it's gonna give me XP which make me level up to level 8 yes tournaments unlocked but King's tower has a lot more health now and my arena towers have more health now see guys I would have been able to win to win that one if he wasn't a level higher than me because he was a liar as sucks but my towers do a little bit more damage now which is which is great I need five thousand more XP to level up to level nine that's uh that's a lot of XP guys it's gonna cost me like at least a hundred thousand gold how much did that cost how much how much just that gosh four thousand five hundred how much does four thousand five hundred fifty euros well nevermind I'm just gonna play this game quite easy to do like properly level up like it's it's actually easy we're gonna do one last battle because I just leveled up to level eight I think it's only fair to like you know keep on trying a little bit alright he's coming down in the attack and saw my he's coming with that big backup but don't worry about it pika I gotcha actually I don't I just lost one tower we can love it alright my lava helen is also going for his tower though but did not do a lot of damage did not do a lot of damage my speakers are freakin strong man cheese I really don't know what to do I've already lost one tower already lost one tower man that was way too fast way too fast though it should have been all right I'm gonna go on defense mode and at the same time I'm gonna try and attack all right here we go skeleton army against goblins alright goblins against golem and manion's coming in just going in full attack here actually he attacked my minions straight away on the died that sucks all right got him distracted by the table stone there we go did not do a lot of damage he's got one little brother there left though actually two of them my second tower is on 800 hp already like I am I'm losing this big time umm what do I do yeah this is not going great let's just see like that definitely not going great goblins attack and we did how much damage a good 700 all right here we go Tom stone and for distraction or going with the arrows because he's got a lot of cheap stuff over there alright now it's not too bad we're going in with a hot air balloon maybe he won't be able to defend themself but I'm not either oh he will okay yeah yeah that's just great 30 seconds left going in with some distraction got to make sure that I don't die here gotta make sure that I owe my why did I put those arrows down seriously jelly alright guys he's going from my main tower I lost two towers so far 10 more seconds left I am I am losing this is no way I'm gonna get to two towers in five seconds back to 1900 Thrones baby I want to thank you guys so much for watching if you guys enjoyed this video leave a like on it I might be streaming some clash Royale on beam soon so make sure you follow me on my bean channel beamed up pro slash jelly there would be a link in the description make sure you go and follow me on there I'm gonna try and stream quite a lot maybe two maybe three maybe four times a week it's gonna be a lot of fun we're gonna play games like clash Friel battlegrounds GTA maybe even with Jordie and Josh at some point so make sure you don't follow me and I want to thank you for watching and I'll see you in the next one


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