How to Get Grim Reaper Trophy / Achievement Guide – 4th Survivor – Resident Evil 2 Remake

  • Thanks, Johnny! I used other walkthroughs and they weren't very good at all. At least not for me. It being narrated helps greatly! Just got my Platinum. Thanks again!

  • Thank you so much! i tried this several times and kept dying on the lickers. I saw this video and paused it at every section and now i have my platinum 😀

  • Really really, but REALLY a good walkthrough, every action is timed at perfection pratically.
    Had really no problem in taking the trophy, good job!

  • This mode was only created back in the 1998 original because audiences started to want a more action-oriented experience.
    Now that we've gone full-circle and arrived back at survival horror – realising (or so I thought) that this isn't an action series – there should be no need for this shitty mode in an otherwise fantastic survival horror game.
    Fuck this 4th survivor shite. It's lame as fuck and has nothing to do with the story. Some guy escaped with a test tube. Whoopy fuckin do

  • You are my hero, that was my final trophy and now i got the platinum thanks to you! SweetJohnnyCage for president!

  • thanks a ton johnny dude. I liked that you can openly admit to some minor 'gamers' fault' wc is terrible aiming, something I share with, but at the end of the day, you get the job done. sick of watching speed runners on steroids who only care about showmanship and no actual tutorial at all. I tip my hat to you bro. very well done.

    btw, I play on PS4 and that 4th zombie at the beginning is dodgeable. I got it first try. what I did was railing through the left then momentarily swerving to the right as I approached mr.zomboid then back to the left. I missed him by a wide berth.

  • If you guys are still having trouble I recommend you go to Optinoob’s 4TH survivor, I’d also recommend to use his guide and this guide and make this as easy for you, remember everything before Mr.X shows up take your time if you can

  • Very nice video my dude, i even fucked up at parts but avoiding those key enemies gave me enough leeway to survive.

  • Lmao so I just did the no hit ledge step up in os4 first try but it was weird, he grabbed me and I can’t clicking the sprint to try avoid a bite and it worked… he broke lose and ran

  • Dawg, this video helped me out a lot. I had one trophy left to get, and this was it. While I beat it a minute or two after yours & I got my asswhopped a lot more than you (had one grenade left towards the courtyard), I beat it in one shot & not multiple playthroughs. Thank you! I chucked that grenade and just bumrushed my way through. Got bit once or twice but I escape Mr. X and made it. Thank you again!

  • 1st of all i want to thank u Johnny for this tutorial. I followed as close as i can for my 1st try. N it really helped me to get my last trophy to get my plat.
    This tutorial needs more views. N u sure can finish it under 10mins. Thanks again 👍

  • Thank you got this guide 😄
    Just curious as how to unlock witness the true ending trophy, is it simply as playing Leon A & then Claire B ?

  • Will you be trying to make a guide on S+ hardcore runs
    Edit: I only ask because of curiosity I completed Leon's and I'll get to claire later but I want to see some of other people strategy when it comes to that.

  • Great job I'm happy you did hunk and tofu run. Would've helped about 3 or 4 days ago when I was struggling with them but better late then never.

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