How to gain Trophies FAST in Brawl Stars Guide | Tips and Tricks

hey everyone what's happening Lex back today for another Bronze Stars video today I'm gonna be giving you ten tips on how you can push trophies effectively recently I passed over 10,000 trophies and along the way I picked up quite a few tips today I want to share those with you now before we get into all these tips I do want to say that there is no substitute for time in Brawl stars the more time you can put into the game obviously you're gonna give yourself a greater chance at pushing up trophies working with the time you have and being the most effective that's another story so I want to give you some tips so that you can make the most of your time in Brawl stars and you can push up trophies in the quickest way possible so let's start in with the most important tip that I can give you I'm not gonna hold it to the end that's what I would normally do but I'm gonna give it to you straight up right here in the beginning and that is play with a team I cannot stress how important enough this is this is the most important thing that you can do if you're trying to push trophies and that is find the team and play with them there is a lot to be said to team chemistry if you're playing with a couple people that you know that you play with a lot you kind of know how they play you just start realizing alright this is how they play and this is how we all work together as a cohesive team so I can't stress enough how important it is to play with the team and taking that one step further if you can hop on discord or some other voice chat app and talk with your team you can actually get on voice chat and you guys can talk to each other while you're playing discord is a great way to do that it's completely free you can join in there's voice chats in fact I have a discord server that is you can join for free right now you can get into a voice chat room with two of your other friends and you guys can talk while you're playing it will make your gameplay so much better i again i know this is tip number 10 no particular order because this is the biggest tip play with the team and while you're playing with your team another thing to really remember is that everybody messes up everybody makes mistakes everybody loses so if one of your teammates or yourself make a mistake don't beat them down about it you know you get criticism is good offer constructive criticisms like hey man I noticed she did that over there next time maybe it would be better if we did this or is there some way that I can help you that we could do that a little bit better rather than saying dude you just kicked it in our own goal what kind of freaking idiot are you not that I would ever do something like that on accident yeah yeah that actually happened last night I was playing with ash and Noah and I meant to corner kick it and I just failed it was it was getting the high pressure right there and I just failed I just there's no other way to put I failed but here's the good thing is that how did I should know her respond check it out they're like they're just like oh oh fail you know they just kind of I was laughing about I literally was laughing about it because again everyone messes up everybody makes mistakes no matter if you're the best player in the world or you're in the middle or to the bottom maybe the frequency of those mistakes change but everyone messes up so team chemistry is important and if you bash your teammates if you not beat them down that team chemistry is going to suffer and you're not gonna play as well so work as a team work as a team tip number nine would be to spread the love what do I mean by that okay so in Brawl stars your lower trophy brawlers they actually gain trophies at a higher rate than you lose trophies so for instance when you're really low you'll gain six trophies for a win and you will lose maybe only one or two trophies for a loss so you could win one game and that would be the equivalent of three losses and you're probably not going to lose three for every one that you win especially if you pay attention to the rest of these tips so it's good to play your lower trophy brawlers because it's easier to gain trophies on them you can easily push up to 150 200 trophies even with randoms which will get there so make sure that if you're brawlers are at a really low trophy count get a hold of them and get them up quickly look it's really really easy trophies they're almost just giving you the trophies here here's some easy trophies man just just go here you can just have them you can just have them so be sure to spread that love around to all your brawlers make sure they're all getting trophies it doesn't have to be completely equal but you don't want to forget the guys that are lower in trophies my next tip would be to know your brawlers every brawler has a strength every brawler has a weakness every brawler has certain game modes if they thrive on and some that they don't do so well on it's really frustrating when you hop into a game like just here recently I played a heist game I was bull I come in there who's on my teammate a piper ok here's a classic example of not knowing your brawlers Piper is not good on heist she's just not good on heist doesn't mean she cannot win that doesn't mean that you can't make her win if you're good enough however if you want to push trophies you want to give yourself every advantage available look at your brawlers and say okay this brawler is really great on this mode I'm gonna be sure to play them on that not hey man hice is open I got Piper she's rolling there with that yeah I remember you I remember you my next tip would be know when to say when but when do I say win if I don't know when I'm supposed to say when when do I say win okay so you're a little confused let me clarify tilting what do you mean by tilting if you don't know what tilting is that means losing trophies you're like on a losing streak there comes a point in time when you get too tired or you get too frustrated that you're not going to play very well so know when to say okay that's enough I'm gonna stop playing right now and I'm really bad about this I can almost never stop playing unless I end on the win it's some weird OCD thing I've got going on so usually if I'm tilting I'm like okay just let me win let me win and then I'm out of here so if you just chained off four straight losses and you're feeling really frustrated that doesn't mean you can't stop and say okay guys what are we doing wrong we're obviously doing something that's not working is it our fault is that our team composition are we doing something stupid or are we just getting playing against a much better players what's on here and see if you can fix it there's plenty of times I've absolutely turned it around and they went on huge winning streaks but there's also been times where you just lose and lose and lose and lose and next thing you know you're down 60 trophies did you like what just happened I should have stopped a long time ago know when that mark is for you I don't know if that's five straight losses or you know seven out of eight losses whatever that mark is for you you figure out that for yourself but know when to say okay that's enough I'm stopping playing right now I'm taking a break I'm frustrated we'll come back and try again later this next tip is a big one and that is to know your team compositions know your team comps let me share this little graphic that I made with you right here now of course this graphic is in every composition this isn't the best of every composition either however these are some basic teams that you can use in these game modes and they will work well I haven't included any legendaries or mythix in here because if you're just starting to trying to push trophies you probably don't have either one of those if you do congratulations it will also depend on the maps the maps play a huge role in what team compositions are the most viable for certain game modes but let's just take this a very generic stage and just say in general for Jim grab a great team is poco Nita and ricochet on almost every gym grab map that team composition will work looking at heist bull Daryl barley that's great barley you can swap in if you have crow swap him in there you could use Colt as well or dynamite you can roll into any heist map and that combo will absolutely work for brawl ball el primo colt and chilly umbrella ball it's important to remember that you need a wall breaker you need a defensive stopper and you need a ball carrier el primo is the ball carrier colt is the wall breaker and Shelly is a defensive stopper who can all three of those can actually break walls so it's a great team combination and all of these brawler's they're very attainable you'll be able to get them early on and this combination will work on every single brawl ball map now is it the best on every brawl ball map no there's probably other combinations that are slightly better but you can take this combo into every brawl ball map and win effectively taking a look at Bounty Piper Brock and Bo that's just a classic combo for almost every brat bounty map Bo gives you that more tanky control and Piper and Brock are the really high damage point to high damage brawlers and that's almost always going to work now Bo you can swap him out for a crow a spike a ricochet occult there's lots of other combinations I tried to mix up the brawler I didn't get too many repeats here so that you can see that there's lots of brawlers that work in all kinds of different modes but for bow me Piper Brock and bow is a great combo looking at duo showdown which I just made a video on the best duo showdown team comps so if you haven't seen that be sure to go check that out I think there's a little thing that's gonna pop up up there maybe that will that you can click on that it'll take you straight to that video as well or you can watch it afterwards so poco and cult is a great combination for duo showdown it's probably not the best unlike feast or famine but for the rest of the maps it works pretty well hey hey number 5 if this was a test you'd already pass because you're doing it right now and that is to watch YouTube there is a wealth of great content creators on YouTube guys such as Kairos time you know my personal favorite coach kori ray chicken art I mean you know let's not forget about myself here I mean you happen to be watching the best one I even I can't say that was a straight face guys like myself who have been playing since day one of the softlocks June 15th 2017 is when I started playing this game the day that it's soft-launched and I've got a year's worth of experience that I'm right here willing and ready to share with you all so make use of that a lot of my videos are just more entertainment videos I just get on and I play a have fun goof around you can still watch the gameplay and be entertained and learn something from them and of course there's a lot of great guides as well that you can learn from Kairos has a lot of them coach kori there's a lot of guides as well so be sure to go check out those guys because there's really good stuff tip number four would be don't force it don't put a round peg into a square hole what do I mean by that you remember that Piper I was talking about playing heist yeah don't be that guy seriously just stop if you just unlocked a brawler and the game modes that are available right now you're looking I'm like well this brawler doesn't even really work in that at all so I'm just gonna play it anyways then no your being that guy again don't do that well don't say Piper me and you baby heist this is happening I'm gonna make it happen you're just going to waste your time because you could be more effectively using a different brawler to push in an available game mode and win a lot more so remember to use your time effectively and don't try to make one brawler work even though you just there are lower in trophies or you just got them next up on the list is the no carry zone when you're playing in brawl stars the matchmaking is really important so whoever has the highest amount of trophies in your group when you queue up that's what the matchmaking is based off of so let's say you're at 150 trophies and you're playing with somebody who's at 400 trophies guess what you're probably going to be playing a team that has mainly 400 level trophy brawlers that's going to be really hard for you to win don't put yourself at a disadvantage right off the bat so what I would suggest is play with the other people that are around your skill level and around your trophy level don't try to force yourself and go play those top players in the world because you're not going to win very often find some people that are like-minded create a team talk with them on discord and we're combining some tips here remember and you'll have a much better chance of winning if you play with other people who have brawlers of similar level tip number two is don't forget the little guy no I'm not talking about people that are really short so if you're going for the most trophies you want to upgrade your brawler's relatively equally now there's always going to be that one or two brothers that are just your favorite and you absolutely push more into them and that's fine however you don't want to have a bunch of brawlers at our level 6 7 8 9 maybe 10 and you've got you know four of them that are like level one because those level 1 brawlers you can only take them so far give yourself every advantage and level up those brawlers the stats make a huge difference if you're going to increase your health your attack and your super it makes a big difference and you're gonna help not only yourself but your team win more winning more more trophies for you the last tip that I have for you guys today to effectively push trophies in Brawl stars is just say no to randoms now it's okay every now and then if you're you know if you're in this trophy pushing mindset to just to hop into a game of randoms just with randoms just for fun and you know play some games out but let's be honest when you play with randoms all these other things like team compositions and best brawlers for the maps and trophy levels you have no control over any of that and I'm not even saying that randoms are all bad there's just so much they can go wrong when you play with randoms that it's a better idea to play with your team now yuo don't always have people on to play with so maybe in those cases if you like showdown go play showdown at least you're in control of your own team because it's just you it always seems like when you play with randoms everybody's got that one story of that one random that did that really stupid thing so just play with the team it's gonna work much better number one and number ten are intrinsically connected so don't play with randoms so that's 10 tips for you to push trophies and bra stars in the most effective way I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and I hope that it helps you rack up those trophies and shoot up those leaderboards but that's gonna wrap it up for me today and as always until next time I'll catch you guys on the flipside like that oh hey I didn't see you there well now that we were talking why don't you go check out some of those videos over there or subscribe just click that level right above my head there it's good stuff I mean or we can just sit here and hang out and talk to ya I've got some coffee here I don't know about you guys what you drinking there coke yeah


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