How To Draw A Gold Medal

one of my favorite things about watching the Olympics is seeing the athletes win the gold medal because their whole life has been leading up to that moment and they finally achieve their goal and it's so cool to watch that happen so I hope you're excited about today's lesson we're gonna draw a gold medal so I hope you have a marker and some paper and you're gonna fall along with me we're gonna take this lesson step by step so if I ever go too fast remember you can always pause the video and we're gonna try to keep this lesson nice and simple alright first gonna draw it down here at the bottom we're gonna draw a circle and we're just going to draw it freehand and if you want you can use a cup to trace around to draw a perfect circle okay now let's draw this 3d so we're gonna draw a crescent that comes around the outside now we're gonna start over here now we're going to draw a crescent shape that comes out and then it's going to come back around into this side now this makes the medal look slightly tipped to the side so it looks 3d and we can see the thickness to the medal all right now we're going to draw the part where the ribbon comes down and connects to so we're gonna draw a line on each side coming straight out now below this we're gonna draw a horizontal line we're gonna go across the middle like this but we're not going to connect on each side next we're gonna start on the right side of that line and we're gonna come up and we can draw a wavy line comes up around it's going to come around and connect back to itself it almost looks like an upside-down raindrop next we're going to draw the outside of this ribbon and we're going to draw it really cool we're gonna draw it 3d but we want to make sure that we stay next to this line and then up here at the top we're gonna we're going to come into it just like we did on the crescent shape so watch me and then you can pause the video and then you can take that time to to draw that step so we're going to we follow this line right here and now right about at this point we're going to connect in to the top see that see how it tapers then just like we did down here on the metal now this makes it so that the ribbon is going to twist up here at the top now we're gonna finish the right side of our ribbon so we're going to start up here just like we did on the left side we're gonna taper we're gonna come out and way kind of make it wavy and we're going to come down and then connect down here to the bottom now up here at the top we're going to draw that twisting part of the ribbon so we're going to start right here now we're going to tape we're gonna draw a crescent shape comes out and then it's gonna come back in that cool now it looks 3d it looks like it's twisting right here and then twisting again on the right side now down here at the bottom we can connect this line in and also the right side now if you want you can add extra details to the ribbon and also the metal but I'm gonna leave it just like this to keep the lesson nice and simple so we're done with our marker but we still need to color our metal so it looks even cooler now this part I'm gonna fast forward but at the end you can pause it again to match the same color now I colored the ribbon blue but you can color it in the color you want and I also colored it solid I'm also gonna add some shading to make it look even more 3d now you start blue to add some shading now I'm going to use a black colored pencil to darken that shading now I'm using a white colored pencil to go back over the blue and add a highlight this is where the light is shining onto the ribbon now for the gold I'm using orange and I'm clearing really dirt on the edges and then in the middle I'm leaving it white so it looks shiny I'm doing that on the side of the metal also see how there's a white spot right here this is gonna make it look shiny I want this to look really smooth so I'm going to use the white to go back over the orange and smooth it out next I'm using around to add more shading to the metal now I'm all done colors I'm gonna use my marker to go back around the outside and thicken up the line all right we did it we finished color in our gold medal it turned out awesome now I added some shading and highlights to make it look even more three-dimensional and realistic but you guys can leave that off if you want to keep this lesson simple you can just color the ribbon solid blue and then orange down here for the metal I hope you had a lot of fun following along with me and try on your own gold medal now remember it's okay if your drawing still look exactly like mine I hope you change them I hope you added more details and even change the colors and we'll see you later our friends goodbye if you had fun forward along this lesson be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking the circle then you can click the bell to get notified every time we upload new videos I've also picked up these two other lessons I thought you'd 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