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– Hello, son. Gene, son, pal. Oh, hi.
Hi, Dad. Hi, Gene. I’m Dad. It’s Dad. [music playing] These are my kids,
Gene, Louise, and Tina. They’re OK after you
get to know them. OK, everybody out. I don’t want the cool
kids to know I’m your dad. I do some of my best
fathering when I’m not around. I get it. Everything changes
when you have kids. – [grunts]
– Owe. Owe. [screams] Hey what’s Dad doing
over there with Chris? No! Oh, he’s telling him that
he’s no longer his favorite son. Maybe he’s never seen a man’s
back sweat as much as yours. My back’s not– oh, my god. It is. [moans] Dad, you’re eating too much. I’m worried about your health. People don’t understand. Here, drink this. I threw a little
barley in there, too. So we’ll go out
clubbing afterwards. Don’t tell him we’re high. Listen, we may
be a little high– I mean, late. I’m nothing
without all of you. I love you. I love you, too, Dad. I love you for real. Not like these posers. [music playing] Dad? Yes, Tina? If you die in the wall, we’ll
name the restaurant after you. Tina, I’m not
gonna die in here. That’s right, Dad! Stay positive. [music playing]


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