How to court mount Military medals

  • What a botched up job. Wear them once in the rain and all you will have is a gooey mess and ruined medal mount.

  • Worth having a read of Army Dress Regulations (All Ranks) – Methods of Court Mounting, Full Size Medals. "The Medal is suspended from a ribbon so as to allow the centre of a round Medal to be cut in half by the backing, ie the nose of the impression of a sovereign’s head on a Medal should rest on the bottom edge of the backing.
    The overall length of a suspended Medal will be 88.9 mm

  • I hate the use of glue, a proper job would require the use of a sewing machine. Why go to all that effort to make the board?

  • First parade and they end up on the floor there is reasons why things are done. Tailors do them properly it may cost money but hey you don't decide a pair of shoes are to expensive so I will make my own.

  • now show how to mount more than five medals ha ha ha…. wouldn't it be easier just to use plastic instead of using fake buckram.

  • Thanks MrBrandyHarris Very interesting, just what I needed. My G/fathers Boer war, and WW1 medals went missing many years ago. After having researched his army service from 1891 to 1919, I have been able find his awards. I have obtained replica's, so with your/this video tip I will be able to mount them properly to a professional looking display. And wear them, as well as my own on remembrance day.
    A very big THANK YOU.

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