How to Court Mount Medals

  • I've never seen as many "armchair specialists" in any other thread than this one.
    I used this method to mount my fathers and grandfathers medals. Worked fine!

  • Wow, what a bodge job. Go to to see how it should be done properly by a professional. The ribbons should be hand stitched and then the medals sewn to the backboard with clear nylon thread. Superglue and double sided tape won't last if you're on parade in the rain!!!

  • Skrillex!? Really?! Cuz this video wouldn't work with out the lyrics "Bass makes that b** c**." being blared out at full volume.

  • I love the way you realised the Op TELIC Ribbon was the wrong way round and showed it the correct way at 1:27!!  But perspex? Really??

  • If you want to mount medals for wear, then pay the six quid per medal and get them sewn properly. But for framing, I've just mounted 10 sets covering six generations of my family using this method, and it's perfectly adequate. Purists may not like it, but it works.

  • I specialise in medal mounting and I'm actually quite shocked at how you do this. The ribbons should be machine stitched on the avoid the "snagged" look. The medals themselves should be tied down with clear thread to hold them securely in place and the bar should NEVER be glued on. It should always be sewn on! What if the bar were to detach and the medals were to fall on the floor and be ruined?! They're uneven and not even the correct length. I hope no one actually tries this method because they would get a straight agai for having their medals incorrectly mounted!

  • Having used a top class medal mounter this is the type of work I warn people about.

    The use of glue will only hold for so long and runs the risk of damage. A top class job would require the use of a sewing machine and stitch the ribbons down. Also you did not show how to fasten the medals to the board!
    Some people use wire but again this would require a strong stitch.
    The guy I know would colour code the thread to the medal so it will not stand out so much. He also takes as much pride on what the back looks like and dose not do this cover your mess up job like most medal mounters do.

    Take a look at Dans medal mounting, this guy did mine and I can not fault him, he has top reviews and offers the best service at only £6.00 per medal. I'm sure you could not even DIY for less.

  • you can also just walk into an army surplus store and buy one for 3.99$, I think the Medal of Honor goes for 5.99$. If you are catholic, you can walk around with all those medals and get free lunches in restaurants that support vets, just make sure you go confess your sins after.

  • I would not want to wear these on parade they wouldn't stand up to any sort of drill or ceremony. Plus a show at 22:00. Thanks anyway.

  • Don't like the choice of music – sorry, it put me off and I couldn't watch more than 58 seconds.

  • Brilliant Gavmann89 you have just saved me about £57.00 .I've ordered the extra Miniature Ribbon Just got to get some sticky back  plastic ! ! 

  • Mate i can't believe you showed people how you do it, as that is bloody disgusting!! and you advertised you are 59!!!

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