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How the Ringbrothers Achieve Award-Winning Paint Finishes with GFS Paint Booths & REVO Systems

We try to do as much local as we can and
found out the best booths were made in our own state and really only a couple
hours away so you know knowing that they’d be close, that we would give them
the shot and we did and we couldn’t be happier and then to find out about their
tech center up there and to be able to go and use that and and the quality of
people they have up there. You know, everybody assumes because you
build these cars that you’re the best or you’re good at what you do but there’s
always somebody better and trust me there’s better people up there
that have taught us a lot showed us new products, showed us the
REVO System. There’s one thing about somebody coming in and demoing it in
your own shop, but you’re always a little skeptical. You know, but when you can go
use it and use different products and use systems that they have up there, it
really opened our eyes and and it’s fun too. You wish our shop was up there
because we’d really have a nice shop then. You call up there with any issues
at all and there’s somebody on the phone and and you always get, you know, the
answer you’re looking for. Right down to the people that are there, they’re all
awesome, Midwestern, honest people so it’s a it’s a great company and it shows.
Obviously if if you buy something from GFS, they’re gonna be there for you. When we got our new GFS booth,
it was a godsend, because we didn’t have all the issues that we had with our
other booth. I mean it was actually clean for once it saves us so much time and it
was a it was one of the best purchases we’ve ever made.
To be able to cure something in no time and get another car in, I mean it’s
been awesome and we do a lot of carbon-fiber work, so with the carbon
fiber to cure things quick and to kick things, and with collision, you need to
get it in and out, but also, with building these cars there’s a lot of times that
Jim will say, “Paint this blue,” and you’ll paint it, and he’s like, “I don’t like it, paint it red.” You know, so you’re always changing things and usually it’s like he
says it’s last minute so we needed to get things done. Being able to have
that ability to do the painting in house is huge and change your mind You spend all the time and all of the
money and to build these cars and the first thing anybody looks at is the
finish of these cars so it’s very important that they’re right and you have to
have the right tools to make them right. Today, guys are so good. I mean the
level of cars are so great. The guys that know cars judge you more than just by
the paint but the amateur really they still want to look down the side of the
car and judge you by that only, instead of all the other things, so paint’s still the
most important part of a build. For me, it’s awesome. It gives you the ability to speed things up and I would have to say for him it’s
the same thing. I mean it’s a an awesome tool. I don’t know what we did without it.
Yeah that [REVO] Handheld out of all of them gets used by far the most and everybody in
the shops use it, not just in the paint shop, but for the guys that are tearing
apart an old hood that are bonded together with different type of glues.
They take that REVO light, warm it up it doesn’t warp the panel but yet it makes
them be able to remove bonding materials between them to taking off decals
I’ve used it to take gaskets off of things I mean I’ve used it for a bunch
of different things but it’s you know I grab that instead of my
heat gun most of the time It’s doing pretty well, you know it would
get used it gets used every day and several times
a day and really with no issues at all You know, filter changes they’re relatively easy in it. It’s just been a great booth for us There’s no comparison. I mean an old,
single wall booth because we were cheap and just looking for a place to
spray, and you know that was a huge mistake. I can’t imagine how much that
cost us, not just stepping up and buying a good booth right out of the chute. But
sometimes, you know, you just can’t afford it, but when you start to get a little
older and you realize what how your dollars are spent and spending a little
more to get a LOT more, it just comes with age I think, and having the ability.
We got that [Laughter]

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