How The Eternals Can Introduce Galactus & Silver Surfer

everybody is going so today we're gonna talk about how the Eternals can set up the lactis and the Silver Surfer so when Marvel announced the Eternals and release concept art featuring various Celestials excitement built for this movie probably like never before because now we have a full main cast now we have character names for each cast member and with the Celestials confirmation I mean it's just it's an exciting time to be a cosmic Marvel fan I'll say that much but this won't be our first exposure to saw steals in the MCU as ease on the searcher did appear in gardens a galaxy along technically even though this is kind of still debatable by a lot of fans whether he was just be asking us or not but ego called himself a celestial in gardens a galaxy too so with an upcoming push for the cosmic MCU and Marvel now having characters previously owned by Fox like Galactus Silver Surfer nihilus etc will those characters show up well many rumors have pointed towards Galactus actually becoming a celestial himself or being introduced as one which really isn't a stretch considering ego was made of celestial as well and because each celestial has a specific purpose usually it's in their name the only option that could really find is maybe exit are the executioner who's in charge of destroying the life on the worlds that failed the Celestials test and exit are it's worth noting is actually not the Celestials true name but instead a title that gets passed on to whatever celestial carries this task now another option is that the Celestials could just make Galactus a celestial basically and just kind of run with it and never really go too deep into it that's of course very possible but even on besides that an option is that the Celestials could create Galactus to help balance their creations throughout the universe and the worlds throughout the universe and that wouldn't be too improbable because the Celestials are known for creating things all over the place they created x-gene the Eternals the deviants countless other races across the world they seeded a lot of planets so think that making Galactus specifically because they're supposed to be a level above Galactus anyways in the cosmic hierarchy I don't think that'd be too crazy now this could as well translate the Silver Surfer being an entry maybe as a way to help Galactus deal with the eventual absence of the Celestials so maybe he'll any assistance in finding new worlds that need balancing so to speak maybe that or also the Silver Surfer I hope they keep more of his traditional origins but of course they'll probably change things within the MCU so if they do change things at least of Galactus is a celestial him creating a new life him enhancing a life like the Silver Surfer wouldn't be too far-fetched considering in the comics the Celestials did that to humanity to make obviously the mutants but also the deviants and as well the turtles who were like godlike beings in the first place in their own right so leave a comment down below what do you think about this rumor that Galactus would be introduced in the Eternals as one of the various Celestials I don't think they're gonna give him a lot of spotlight if they do I don't expect that I think it'd be more of like a brief kind of cameo like appearance or like a throwaway line something like that Liz don't you guys think and we'll see you later you

  • The Celestials creating Galactus is weird since the reason galactus exists is to prevent the Celestials from increasing their too much, the Celestials plant an egg in the core of a planet, alter the species there to give them powers to defend the planet will unbeknownst to them, they are also protecting the offspring of the Celestials.
    Since Galactus devoured planets, he basically devours the Celestials offspring before they are born, [which millions of years] therefore ensuring the Celestials number doesn't become to much else they'll overrun the universe.
    So i don;t see the Celestials creating Galactus, unless the MCU makes severe changes which i'm sure they will especially after they've already changed the gender of 3 of the Eternals.

  • Adding galactus as a celestial would also retcon a fantastic 4 villian into a being thats been there since b4 the entire MCU similiar to peter parker in iron man 2

  • If ego is a celestial i definitely see galactus as one. I wodnt b suprised if they revealed dormammu to b sum spiritual type celestial as well. Makes it easier to put all the super god like beings in a one category

  • I think it can work if Ego is a Celestial and knowing the rivalry he had with Galaxy is in the comics then yeah Galactus already has a robot esque body he can definitely be a Celestial

  • I would use the first Eternals film (according to sources within Disney the trilogy is supposed to be Eternals, Celestials and Deviants) to introduce mutants into the MCU since the Eternals were created by the Celestials to coincide with baseline humans and mutants. Maybe in a post credits scene have the Celestials be revealed to have implanted an X-Gene within certain creations that will one day explode on the scene and the Infinity stones are able to awaken the gene if used on any creature in the universe with this X-gene. This can set up that mutants have always existed in the MCU and were created by the Celestials and experimented on by the Eternals and Deviants (led by Thanos) and Thanos through his snap was trying to eliminate mutants specifically knowing that ancient mutants such as Gideon (who will be the main antagonist of the X-Force first movie which will be a soft reboot of the Deadpool films as Deadpool 3: X-Force with Ryan Reynolds the only actor staying and Deadpool acting as the voice of the fans basically breaking the fourth wall to explain how the X-Men and Fantastic Four fit in the MCU now that Disney owns FOX. But it all goes awry as Gideon brainwashes Deadpool and uses him as a voice inside his head to begin destroying the multiverse in an adaptation of Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe and it's comic sequel Deadpool Killustrated in the next two Deadpool films, which the third being an adaptation of Deadpool Kills Deadpool with a whole multiverse full of Deadpools and the Watcher of Deadpools teaming up to kill this evil Deadpool. Eventually later on after the Deadpool animated series and Gwenpool spinoff animated series both set in the MCU same as What If, we get Deadpool being brainwashed by the villains to kill the Marvel Universe, again), Seline who is the first mutant ever created and the one to kill the entire team of Eternals before being killed by Thanos and the Deviants in the Deviants movie which ends the Eternals trilogy, and En Sabah Nur who will act as the X-Men's version of Thanos built up to through a decade to the Age of Apocalypse MCU adaptation that will lead to Apocalypse eliminating all humans so mutants rule the earth and the X-Men when they fight back all except Kitty Pryde and X-Force who go into a Days of Futures Past type story to kill Apocalypse when he is a baby and fix everything and bring everyone back, with the third X-Force film with them protecting the baby Rachel Summers from Bishop who comes from another future made worse by her and Cable and Deadpool help Rachel remembering the events of Deadpool 2. Professor X is the first publicly known mutant discovered in the 60's as a teenager and outed by his brother Cain Marko who fights in the Korean war with Charles and finds the gem of Cytorrak and touches it then becomes a human juggernaut and vows to find Charles after Charles subdued him telepathically and he gets the classic Juggernaut suit later on when the Avengers and X-Men have to team up to take down Juggernaut in the Avengers vs. X-Men movie when they first encounter each other before Magneto and the Brotherhood drive a wedge in between the two teams before they have to team up again to stop the Brotherhood and Juggernaut when they team up. Charles Xavier also in his own movie has a psychic battle after Marko disappears with Amahl Farouk the Shadow King in Cairo the same place Apocalypse has been lying dormant (until Nathaniel Essex and his corporation awaken him after leading the mutant massacre by recruiting Remy LeBeau to lead the Maradeurs who include members of the Weapon X program Sabretooth, Maverick and Lady Deathstrike but Wolverine who is the first discovered mutant from the 1800's but was kept a secret after fighting with Sgt Nick Fury (White Nick Fury Sr.), his Howling Commandos, Captain America, Bucky Barnes, Namor's father who is killed but is also a mutant making Namor a half mutant who fights with the X-Men eventually, and the original Human Torch who is an idol of Johnny Storm hence why he takes the name, Wolverine currently is with Alpha Flight in his Disney+ series before being recruited to join the X-Men by Charles Xavier who promises to help James Howlett find out more about his past after the Weapon X program. The Maradeurs go down to the sewers to unleash the Morlocks on humanity a race created by Mr. Sinister. Charles Xavier decides not only to form the X-Men with his first class being Scott Summers, his brother Alex, Jean Grey, Hank McCoy, Warren Worthington III, and Lorna Dane along with her father Max Eisenhardt who helps him build Cerebro to help him locate all known mutants who are being captured by the governments of the world as SHIELD is overrun more by HYDRA (which explains why Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are captured by Baron Strucker many years later). Speaking of Scarlet Witch I would personally introduce Magneto and Professor X in this WandaVision show and have Magneto (called Max Eisenhardt) and his daughter Lorna (Polaris) and maybe even Lorna's husband from the comics Alex Summers (Havok) to meet Wanda after she creates her own reality where Stephen Strange allows her to give birth to her and Vision's (now human form permanently) twins Tommy and Billy (Speed and Wiccan) from the future, with her brother Pietro resurrected, she has an ideal suburban life that clearly doesn't exist. Professor X and Cyclops could show up one day trying to recruit in a Nick Fury Avengers style to recruit for their new team, and Magneto, Polaris and Havok get there first and all five basically give us exposition to Wanda, Pietro and Vision of mutants (which their creation will be teased in a post credits scene of the Eternals film) and how they fit in the MCU, we get the classic Magneto vs. Professor X debates on humans vs. Mutants and whether or not they can coexist. Magneto reveals that Captain America (who is now dead according to Far From Home) was created as a prototype for the Weapons Plus programs worldwide which the Red Room from Black Widow's backstory s apart of as well as Nick Fury Sr. (White Nick Fury), the Invaders and Howling Commandos and eventually Nick Fury Jr. (Sam Jackson) and his brother Jacob were all created along with The Winter Soldier to hunt and kill all known mutants, THIS is the reason why they never appeared, because the HYDRA infiltrated SHIELD and Red Skull, Baron Strucker and the Nazis either killed mutants or captured them to use the Tesseract and Loki's staff to experiment on them to use them as weapons (this sets up Magneto being experimented on having never been rescued when Cap went to rescue his family and Jews from a concentration camp setting up his hatred for the Avengers and humanity, he was experimented on until he became an Omega level mutant leading to his escape, meeting Wanda, Pietro and their older sister Lorna's mother, her having all the children but being killed by Baron Strucker thirty years after Red Skull was sent into space. Strucker steals the twins as babies explaining why he had them before Age of Ultron as it's revealed HYDRA used Wanda's reality warping powers to create a false life on Sokovia for them where they had parents killed by Stark Industries when that actually never happened, they just wanted them to fight the Avengers in Age of Ultron, then used Thunderbolt Ross to introduce the Sokovia Accords and cause the fraction within the Avengers in Civil War hiring Baron Demo as Baron Strucker's successors. Remember how Wanda caused Crossbones to explode, HYDRA planned that all along and they were the ones to corrupt Ultron's programming turning him evil and even were responsible for killing Pietro in Age of Ultron wanting Wanda to explode basically. Magneto also reveals Vision, Professor X, Dr. Strange and Nick Fury who is leading the Ultimates in space with Captain Marvel which is where Monica Rambeau comes in, along with the Agents of SWORD (spinoff of Agents of SHIELD) and even overseeing Reed Richards and his team of explorers in space as they are brought in to fill the scientific voids of Iron Man and the Hulk who is dealing with his cousin and giving her blood transfusion after she gets in a car accident, all knew about Wanda being a mutant and never told her, leading to Wanda having a mental breakdown and collapsing the multiverse in on itself, she then is approached by Agatha Harkness who gives her the name Scarlet Witch and wants to train her to be an even better sorcerer than Dr. Strange and Agatha is revealed to be the sister of the Ancient One. Wanda decides to take Billy and Tommy and separate from Vision and join her brother Pietro, Lorna her older sister, Lorna's husband Alex and her father Magneto and he gives the classic helmet she has from the comics as a helmet to block psychic attacks from Charles Xavier like Polaris and Magneto have. Wanda meets other mutants as she travels to space to Avalon which is now a safe haven for mutants wishing to be away from humans where she meets Mystique, Destiny, Azrael, Nightcrawler and Rogue along with Toad, Pyro, Avalanche, Absorbing Man and Blob and finds out they are planning an attack on the earth and Avengers. This leads to Doctor Strange and Wong fighting Agatha and Scarlet Witch in the big multiverse film where Wanda finally wills mutants into the MCU and this all sets up Avengers vs. X-Men down the line as mutants are wide spread and Magneto is recruiting all the new mutants he can because his daughter and the blip have accelerated human evolution to where there are millions of mutants where there were only just a few hundred before and now Charles Xavier has to add to his school for gifted youngsters quickly to combat the Brotherhood of Mutants, with the non mutant heroes quickly taking notice. Monica Rambeau is sent by Nick Fury to give intel knowing Xavier and Magneto are going to see the mentally unstable Wanda Maximoff after she creates her alternate reality and bends the multiverse to her will.

  • I wonder if people will get MCU fatigue and the avengers being a totally different team won’t be as appealing.

  • Would make no sense to have galan (galactus) be a celestial….. he was the last and only survivor of his universe before being destroyed and the 1st living organisms in the current marvel universe that was in hibernation for countless years, he is 1 of the marvel entities like eternity, death, galactus, living tribunal, the 1 above all, the Phoenix, and odin. If he dies everything dies, life and death flow through him that's 1 of the reasons the living tribunal does not judge him

  • In the comics Galactus was a human from the previous universe who managed to survive and when the next Big Bang happened it turned him into a giant energy being. The celestials where the first things the came into existence and they helped create the planets . Ironically Galactus is not as big or as powerful as the celestial but he is older than them

  • I’d be fine Galactus being a rogue celestial who they have no control over like he some sort of monster they helped make but lost control. However I’d still prefer he be a survivor of the previous universe like in the comics because that makes him older than everything else and more scary

  • Creating Galactus is a good way to show off the power of the Celestials, possibly at the end of The Eternals…

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