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How I Met Your Mother: Season 9, Episode 22 | TV Recap | Entertainment Weekly

Hi, I’m Kerri.
And I’m Dave, and this EW’s TV Recaps for March 25th.
Last night on How I Met Your Mother we Finally got to Robin and Barney’s wedding
And even though we got to watch them exchange Sweet sentiments about their vows, I was a
little bummed That after all this build-up we didn’t get
to see the actual “I DO’s.” I was pissed that they still gave us this
“Will-they-won’t-they” bullshit between Robin and Barney.
And of course Ted went back and got the Locket for her and of course she questioned
Whether she should be with Ted. (maybe expand on why it made you angry)
Maybe I’m making a mistake. Maybe I should be marrying you.
And what was up with those hideous bridesmaids outfits?
Is everyone just going to ignore those pink monstrosities?
I was a little surprised that the same woman Who likes hockey and guns and cigars
Is also really into fuschia. That color can go fusch itself.
I loved how much Lily and Marshall talked about
Vomiting and shitting around each other like a
Real couple still in love after all these years.
Lily Alderin, I vow to stop shouting stuff when you’re dumping out.
You should be able to have a deuce in peace. Deuces are always wild!
OK, the one-hour finale is next week. Dave, what’s it going to take for this show
to win back your affection Because clearly you’re a very angry man.
At this point, I’m hoping they just cut this wedding weekend
Bullsh*t, go back to McLarens and just give us one sliver
Of a normal How I Met Your Mother episode. Like, if the final episode is the after-wedding
brunch I’m going to personally drive to the writer’s
houses And punch them each in the throat.
OK, so nothing then? Next week we’ll finally learn the mother’s
name! What do you guys think it will be?
Sound off in the comments section! I hope it’s Maggie. Maggie Mosby.
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  • Going back to the stripper from Season 1 when he joked with the kids that she was the mother, it would have to be Tracy.

  • You guys can go FUSCH yourselves—I'm gonna be crying all thru the next episode!!
    Tho srsly, those dresses were puke (insert marshall puke joke here).


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