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Brie Bella is getting real about losing herself after she had her daughter birdie on the latest episode of the Bellas podcast Bri says she really struggled with her identity once birdie came into the world take a listen I was professional wrestler before birdie mm-hmm we had a really big career the hardest thing for me was kind of when Bertie was born was kind of being like okay I'm a mom now but I didn't want to lose the old Bri and I really did lose my identity and it was like I worked over a decade and I'm so hard for that I wanted to be part of that and I ended up making a comeback because I missed the old Bri and I failed so bad at it in front of the world and I got bullied online for it and people would say motherhood like look at what it's done to her Bree says she found a life coach who really helped her sort through her feelings and her mental health I've definitely experienced this throughout my life where sometimes you just feel like you've lost yourself you sometimes get so on the rhythm of doing something and and if that changes then you're like oh I don't know this is not my normal everyday life I mean I kind of went through it too the same situation she had I remember it was a war show season and I was watching like everybody on the Oscars and the Golden Globes and me thinking like I love being home with my baby but I want to be there too you know you're like it's split you can't help it that they put our asses on it's funny I know shade to you and which means so much before you make a judgement but I found myself in an identity crisis after I finish producing rich kids yes yeah I know that and I think for myself it was for three years my life revolved around five other people and I had the best time chasing you guys all over the world it was a fun it was really a fun experience oh but after doing that for three years moving to New York to be with EJ on his show one set was all over it was like okay so I've done everything for everyone else and made everyone's lives come you know to fruition and made everyone's dreams come true it's my purpose what's my purpose and what do I want to do and it was this long you know very thought-provoking process and you know I had to put into perspective that before doing this for three years I was with Kyle for five yeah so I was making that whole situation come to life as well and I loved every minute of it but when you serve other people like that and you service other people's dreams sometimes you lose your own yeah you have to refine them but I honestly believe I found this purpose because I had to get lost in the woods yeah exactly and I think that that is also very representative of new mothers right like they've lived their whole lives by their self they gave birth to this human being that they loved more than they can even express but then so much of our identity become about this other person then who is this person but like after this child like having to navigate that look I don't have a child but I for whatever reason know that once I do like I know that my postpartum I don't want to put that energy into the world but I know it's gonna be a real thing for me just to Lokhande we're important to you before you had a kid still very important exactly now you have something that's even more important and you're like well how do i do then then you deal with the guilt and you're like that shouldn't matter to me so I mean I feel like it's really brave that she spoke up and said that because and I also feel like even in relationships if you're in a long-term relationship and then you're no longer in that relationship and you've been a part of a duo for so long how do you sort of navigate I feel like you you kind of have to really redefine your identity then yeah well I also I think harder to write athletes anytime they get out of the rhythm of being an athlete I think is very difficult we hear about that it's a really good point it's a creep and they also and their careers so young and it's like I still have more than half of my life together like what am I supposed to do yeah where this money gonna come from what is my I gotta get better there's so many questions the Pirates of the Caribbean ride it's gotten better I think you might need to put some drops of a man that's it for today's daily pop but don't worry we do it every day that's right and be sure to click below to subscribe to our emus youtube channel so you don't miss any of the latest videos whether it's tackling breaking hollywood headlines our amazing celebrity in studio interviews daily pop on youtube will keep you pop-culture see you soon


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